How to effortlessly wear classic blue

2020 is the year of Classic Blue. Here, Helen Venables, of House of Colour, explains how to mix and match and wear Classic Blue with style

2020 classic blue trends

The Pantone Colour Institute has announced their colour of 2020 is the beautiful ‘Classic Blue’ but can we all wear this cool toned colour?

  1. Many of the fashion designers already had Classic Blue in their Spring 2020 runways including Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and Marni, and the Royals seem to be already well ahead of the game. This fresh colour trend was chosen by The Pantone Institute to instilCalm, confidence, and connection” to highlight “Our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era”.   Think of a rich blue early evening sky before it darkens to Dior’s midnight and you’ve got Classic Blue!
  1. If you are warm toned, whilst you suit yellow tones more than blue tones, we all have a blue that suits us. Autumns look gorgeous in Heliotrope and Kingfisher for example.  As Classic Blue sits between Bright Blue and Navy, Blue Springs can wear this hue. Summers suit Delph and Cornflower so will look fabulous in Classic Blue teamed with reds, greens or pinks, or blended in a chic monochrome look with other blues. Royal and Cobalt Blues will give Winters wonderful opportunities for contrast with neutrals or other colours in your colour palette.
  1. If you want to be belle of the ball, Classic Blue looks incredible as a striking block colour dress, but it looks equally good in gym gear or as an everyday knit.
  1. Using Classic Blue in your accessories including gloves and scarves or in a chunky necklace will give a powerful punch.  Elegant in its simplicity, Classic Blue bags will be hurrying their way to the shelves so perhaps opt for a slouchy bag or a dramatic framed shoulder bag with a chain, depending on your best style.
    M&S boots
  1. Add a pop of colour with Classic Blue heels or pumps contrasting with denim jeans, or if you don’t like to play it safe try these metallic blue boots from Marks and Spencers,
  1. Classic Blue will look incredible in swimwear because it is a colour that whispers stylish simplicity and is perfect for being at one with the water. Here are two ideas for mixing blue hues the Emmy Swimsuit from Outnet and a Blue gradient print from Swimwear365.
  1. Classic Blue may not be the make up choice for all of us but a thin sweep over the top eyelid line especially if you are a Spring, Summer or Winter, or as a nail varnish choice will reveal your savvy fashion credentials.  Don’t forget the finishing touch, a great red lipstick! A true red will work well with Classic Blue.
  1. Whilst I dislike any gender stereotypes, most men I know do love a blue so if they rate well in it, a sweater or scarf could be a fabulous way to wear Classic Blue. Classic Blue suits, knitwear, ties and shirts will also be out in the shops imminently.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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