Layer up this autumn

Nayna McIntosh shares her top tips for layering outfits this winter and explains why the foundation layer is so important.
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Dressing for winter is the time of year to think about stylish layering. “Focus on beautiful and luxurious styles that work together as outfits to make wardrobe building for winter a simple task”, explains Nayna, founder of Hope.

The Foundation layer is the most important, it should work as a base to provide a clean line and shape preventing the frumpy look with knitwear, dresses and jersey styles to be layered on top covering up areas you’re not comfortable with whilst not covering with shapeless pieces. Pop on Sweaters, Kimonos, Funnel Necks, Shrugs and Ponchos are also winter must-haves, combining comfort and style – they’re garments that you can add to your wardrobe and keep forever!

Invest in a good pair of leggings. They are perfect to work with dresses, knitwear and tops. Think of them as an opaque tight but with more benefits. The right leggings can provide support and comfort and are a great base for any over layer.

When the weather turns cold, knitwear comes to the forefront of every woman’s mind. Invest in premium knits that add instant luxury to your look and will last for more than just one season. Add a piece of cashmere to your wardrobe and you will wear it constantly.

The party season is nearly here. This year invest in a versatile drape dress and you’ll actually be buying three outfits! With multiple side ties, you can style the ties at the front, to the side or tie at the back creating three looks, for three parties but from one dress.

Don’t be afraid of colour. Work with a cool and sophisticated palette; that adds pops of colour; ponchos and scarves are an effortless way to brighten any outfit. Colour around the face is always a good thing as it brightens your complexion on those cold and dark days.

Finding a coat that works with your winter wardrobe is always a problem for women. This year, try something new and opt for a wool blanket poncho. This provides the perfect style solution as it can slip over any outfit providing warmth without dominating the outfit – they’re also great as a travel companion being considerably lighter than a coat.

Shopping on the high street for older women can be a depressing and dreary experience, especially in winter. Take advantage of shopping at home services where stylists will bring collections to your home offering expert opinions and feedback as to what works for you resulting in whole outfits that will instantly boost confidence. Find more about Hope’s at home service and shop your winter wardrobe now.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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