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The devils in the detail, Helen Venables shares her style tips for men on making a lasting first impression.
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Whether we like it or not, people still judge you on first appearances so it is important to make a good impression and express your own style through the clothes and colours you wear. The following tips outline how you can make a good first impression.

Don’t underestimate the power of the detail. The last thing you put on is usually the first thing that someone will notice so making a statement with the detail of your outfit is a smart move. Try adding a scarf or wear a perfectly fitting coat in one of your best colours so that you are memorable for all the right reasons.

Not on your lonesome. If you are not confident about what suits you, don’t go shopping alone. It can be valuable to have a second person’s opinion about an outfit you’re trying on so you don’t always opt for the same style or make colour mistakes. But remember most people will subconsciously choose what they like even for others, so a professional, objective opinion is always best. Look through some magazines to get some ideas if you really feel stuck pre-shop.

Use glasses or sunglasses to express your personality. There is a huge choice for men on the market now. Don’t necessarily opt for safe black frames. Opt for another colour such as a brown, navy, red, gold or silver depending on what colours suit you and what season palette you are.

A stylish bag as accessory

A stylish bag as accessory

Don’t keep everything in your pockets! A stylish bag in one of your neutral colours is a great way to express your personality and keep the line of your clothes looking elegant. Try a stylish satchel for an on-trend look, a brightly coloured rucksack for fun at the weekend and have a great laptop bag in one of your best neutral colours!

Topping and tailing, pay attention to the quality and style of your shoes and your collars or anything you wear around your neck. These areas of the body are sub-consciously noticed by others and influence a good first impression.

Add interest to your outfit, don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories to add detail to your outfit – start small by simply investing in a nice watch or cufflinks. Or try bracelets, rings, tie accents or even a necklace if it suits your style personality. Just make sure you match the metals and choose a metal that suits your skin tone or wood or coloured stones can be great for a more interesting casual look if this suits your style.

Change your look with just your shoes. Men have more colour and style shoe choices than ever. For a casual look try trainers in a best colour, but for a more classic look maybe try Chelsea boots or brogues.

Nicely groomed man

A clean haircut is everything

Good grooming counts; a good grooming routine can make a huge difference. It is just as important for men as women to have a good skin care regime, weekly exfoliation and daily moisturising with quality products and occasional facials are also a great idea. Many more men are enjoying manicures to look after their nails and of course having an on trend hair cut is essential which compliments your face shape and is age appropriate.

Make sure everything fits well. There is nothing worse than a badly fitting suit, trousers that are too long, or t-shirts which are too baggy. Even the nicest quality clothes will look bad if they don’t fit well. Remember good quality shops will offer an alteration service.

Think about your belt. Belts are an important accessory to any man’s outfit. A belt gives you authority and sends the message that you know what you’re talking about. Opt for a classic leather belt if you want a sharp, smart look or go for something with a bit more impact, like a contrasting colour belt or extra detail to make a bolder statement. Always ensure the buckle is in the right metal for your skin tone.

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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