New Year, new look

Style and colour guru Helen Venables shares her top tips for embracing a new look this year.

Ok so it may be a cliché, but the start of the New Year is a great time for a change. Redefining your look and having a select wardrobe of clothes that comprises styles and colours that truly suit you and make you look radiant may give you the 2018 boost of confidence you need to start the New Year. 


Have a clear out

Prune your wardrobe by removing all the things you never wear because they don’t fit properly or are the wrong colour or style. You will probably find that you end up having more outfit combinations from your existing wardrobe than you realised.

Don’t shy from colour

Embrace the colours that really suit you. Knowing the palette of colours that work with the pigments in your skin could mean you go from a drained look to one that is healthy and radiant. At the House of Colour, we have had clients going through chemotherapy that are told they look incredible because they wear the colours that help lift their complexion and make them look (and consequently feel) healthy and fabulous.

Get organised

Is your New Year’s resolution to be more organised? Start by trying your clothes on and planning outfits ahead for work and any important occasions. Some clients plan their work outfits for the week ahead and just choose which they feel like wearing on the day thereby saving a lot of time and energy each morning.

Flaunt it

Remember confidence is the best accessory you have – whether you have a small waist or long legs, showing off your best assets boosts confidence, as long as it is appropriate for the occasion. 

Dress to your mood

Research into the psychology of colour has proven we feel different emotions with different colours. The neutral and balancing colours for our season – whether that be oatmeal, stone, white or cream, or blacks, greys, navy or brown – can have a calming effect. If it suits your style then pair your neutrals with comforting textures like satin, suede and cashmere for a tranquil and luxurious effect. Not only will you look good, your minimalism is pure chic.

It’s ok to experiment

Psychologists say that we have a natural desire to progress – this can extend to our wardrobe choices too! Don’t be afraid to try different shops and experiment with different fabrics and textures and find out what is authentically you. Understand which trouser and skirt lengths make you feel and look good. If it feels wrong it is wrong.

Red coat

See red

Feel bold and youthful with reds. As the hottest colour for the winter and the only colour (primary red) that suits everyone, reds make us feel brave and playful. In winter, choose a colourful red coat to brighten neutral outfits, or opt for a red accessory like a handbag if you’re wanting to introduce bold colours into your wardrobe more gradually.

Be mindful

Feel good by actually doing good! Clear your conscience and wear clothes that create social change. You can make a difference by making ethical choices to wear fair trade items where possible, recycling clothes you’re done with or raising money through clothes like Jeans for Genes Day.

Replenish your make-up

Get your year off to a good start with a fresh palette of make-up. We often forget that taking care of our outfit extends to hair and make-up too. Now could be the time to invest in some fresh makeup – most products especially mascaras should be thrown out after six months to a year.

Stay comfortable

Don’t wear restricting fabrics. Squeezing your body into tight clothes won’t make you look or feel good – no matter how much you want to fit into those jeans. There is a big difference between fitted vs tight clothes and loose vs baggy outfits.

Treat yourself

Fill yourself with happy hormones by treating yourself to something luxe as a special investment that will last for years come but that is within your budget. Think winter coat, handbag, a pair of boots, or a gorgeous piece of jewellery.

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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