The secret to dressing vintage style as we age

Vintage fashion expert Susie Nelson, reveals the secrets behind perfecting the ‘classic style’ and how it can increase confidence and individuality…

Susie Nelson

Susie Nelson, vintage fashion expert and founder of modes and more explains how garments from bygone eras can help you to perfect the balance between reflecting your individuality, whilst fully embracing the vintage trend. 

“Stylish pieces from bygone eras can form the basis of a knockout outfit” explains Susie. “From capturing the fabulous 50s look or the vibe of the swinging 60s, investing in key garments brings individuality and an exclusive edge to your appearance. The key to looking great in vintage style is all about the details. Authentic garments and accessories from the period give an inimitable look.”  

Here’s how to successfully capture the styles of the 40s, 50s and 60s.


This decade mixed glamour and comfort and placed a strong emphasis on creating a silhouette. Wide padded shoulders were popular (this is the era when shoulder pads were invented) as were nipped in high-waist tops. Day dresses in pastel colours, Peter Pan collars, full skirts and lots of draping and embellishment gave a feminine touch. For shoes, it was all about block heels and wedges, whilst gloves and fur trims were de rigueur. 


To capture this look, concentrate on mixing creativity and glamour. Clinched-in waists, accentuate the hips and bust, whilst a huge amount of skirts and petticoats bring extra shape and femininity to the silhouette. Choose prints and appliques – or a poodle skirt, pedal pushers and shirt waisters to recreate the unique style of this era.


This was, of course, the era of the mini skirt, but also of catsuits, gingham print, halter tops, white boots, vinyl trimmed coats and suits! With a wealth of flamboyant looks to choose from, why not try safari jackets, sheer blouses, silk jersey fabric or a colourful raincoat?

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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