Fool proof creamy chicken pie

A rich and creamy pie the family will love & that’s ready to go in the oven in 10 minutes!
Creamy chicken pie filo pastry
Satisfying filo-topped creamy chicken pie.

Creamy chicken pie, a winter warming treat – but have you ever got time to create it? You won’t believe how easy it is to create this easy, tasty recipe using a secret ingredient from tinned soup – you’ll find it’s perfect for midweek and is sure to be popular with all the family!

Creamy chicken pie recipe

Prep – 10 minutes
Cook – 25 minutes 
Serves 4


  1. 400g can Cream of Chicken soup
  2. tbsp of olive oil
  3. chicken breasts diced
  4. leeks washed & sliced
  5. 250g button mushrooms sliced
  6. sheets of ready-made filo pastry. If you can’t lay your hands on filo, use puff pastry and adjust your timings. 
Black pepper to taste


Preheat the oven to 180°C/200°C or Gas Mark 5.

Brown 2 diced chicken breasts in 2 tbsp olive oil, add 3 washed and sliced leeks  and cook until soft.

Add 250g sliced button mushrooms and 400g can Heinz Cream of Chicken soup, with a pinch of black pepper, simmer for 5 minutes.

Pour into an ovenproof dish, take approximately 4 sheets ready made filo pastry and scrunch them on top of the filling until it is all covered.

Bake for 25 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown.

Great with green beans and steamed carrots.

Tip – if you prefer you can use a sheet of ready-made shortcrust pastry as a topping 

Nutritionals per portion (% adult GDA) 

187 cals – 9% 
3.9g sugar – 4% 
4.7g fat – 7% 
0.4g sat fat – 2% 
0.9g salt – 15%

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Last modified: August 13, 2021

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