Five tips for a healthier spring roast

A spring roast is a wonderful thing but here’s how you can enjoy one without feeling sluggish for the rest of the day.
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Watch your lamb portions, or switch your meat

Roast lamb is a springtime favourite and features on many Sunday lunch tables but it is one of the fattiest meats. Trim off any visible fat and keep portions to the size of a pack of playing cards, to keep your saturated fat intake in check. If you want a healthier alternative to lamb, then chicken and turkey are much leaner.

Steam rather than roast your vegetables

Fill your plate with vegetables that have been steamed or quickly boiled. These vegetables should take up at least a third of your plate.

Roasting vegetables adds extra fat to your meal, so cut down on the amount on your plate and opt for steamed or boiled instead. If you can’t say no to a roastie, then try lightly brushing the parboiled vegetables with rapeseed oil rather than drenching them in it. You could even invest in an oil spritzer to really control the amount of fat you add.

Make a nutrient-rich gravy

Use the water you boiled the vegetables in to make a tasty gravy. Asides from adding to the flavour, you’ll also keep some of the goodness that leaked from the vegetables during cooking. There’s also no need to add meat juices since the vegetable water has plenty of flavour and this way ensures that your gravy is suitable for any vegetarian or vegan guests.

Create a sweet potato mash

Make a sweet potato mash

Mash potatoes are a firm favourite but by using half potato and half sweet potato, you’ll increase your intake of beta-carotene – plus it offers a yummy alternative to the norm, go easy on the butter though.

Make your puddings count

Opt for fruit-based desserts, such as crumbles. Ideally, make your own without adding any extra sugar to the fruit, having just a thin layer of crumble and then serving with fat-free crème fraîche. Or why not serve a fruit salad with a rainbow of different coloured fruits.

Guide prvided by nutritionist Nicola Selwood, find alternative spring recipes at Waitrose

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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