Clearing garden clutter – painless maintenance tips

Don’t put off your autumn gardening jobs. Do them now, before winter sets in and makes them a real chore.
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Now is the time to store garden furniture and tidy your outdoor spaces.

Homeowners and gardeners, here are six simple steps for clearing garden clutter as the October temperatures drop and you prepare for the winter. 

The outdoor experts at Garden Buildings Direct have put together their top tips for hiding away items normally found lying around the garden. 

Creating unique storage solutions for toys and gardening equipment is one way of clearing garden clutter without throwing anything out.

It has always been a challenge to keep you garden tidy and clutter free, there’s always something that will escape, especially as we head into the colder months. Make best use of the tools at your disposal, if you have garden shed use it properly rather than as a dumping ground. 

There are a few tricks you can use to keep garden clutter and eyesores at bay. Obvious ones like screening off the bin and compost area will make these spots more appealing. 

Other tips, like creating a garden station and coming up with unique ways to clear up the kid’s toys, will allow you to create some completely unique storage in your garden and a bit of a talking point. 

clearing garden clutter
Exposure to the winter elements is not going to do your furniture or barbecue any good.

Here are some top tips for clearing garden clutter 

  1. Garden station 

Set up a garden station in a sheltered spot. Repurpose a wooden bench and use it to house pots, keep compost in one place and your most used garden tools. You could even make a feature of it. 

  1. Garden toys 

Make a feature of garden toys rather than have them lying around the lawn. Paint some old shelving and use tin or plastic buckets and boxes to store everything in. Make a nice label and the children will know exactly where to go to find skipping ropes, footballs and water pistols. 

  1. Shed 

The most obvious place to hide any garden clutter is in your shed. But beware, don’t just chuck everything in there as you’ll just be moving all the things you don’t need or use from one place to another. Have a shed declutter every six months to get rid of or sell anything you no longer need. 

  1. Clever solutions 

If your hose is always lying around the deck, try attaching a couple of hooks to the wall and winding it round. It’ll keep it out of the way, but close enough for when you need to use it. You can do the same with items like garden brushes by hanging then upside down and tools like spades and forks. 

  1. Bench box 

Rather than lots of individual seating in your patio, build or invest in a bench box. Simply lift up the seat and you’ll have stacks of storage space. This is a great place to store items like picnic blankets, the cushions from your outdoor chairs and any BBQ tools. 

  1. Wheelie bins 

Want to disguise the wheelie bins? Create a screen with quick growing plants like ivy or install some rustic willow fencing to hide them. You can do the same with the compost bin too. 

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Last modified: October 1, 2021

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