Grow your own evergreen centerpiece

In need of a summer garden project or just fancy spending more time in the garden? Then why not grow your own evergreen centrepiece.

Evergreen herb planter

As the weather is taking a turn for the better, why not try your hand at a planter project and make the most of the summer sun? Plant these fragrant evergreen herbs in the garden and allow them to flourish over the next few months ahead of the festive season.

A pretty trough or suitable box will work for planter and you’ll need broken crocks (bits of broken pot) or pebbles for drainage, good free-draining compost, and small herb plants – we used thyme, sage and rosemary, succulent seedlings, pine cones, twigs, moss

To make the herb planter

Evergreen herb planter

Choose a container that will sit nicely on your Christmas dining table or wherever you plan to have the display

Evergreen herb planter

Line the container with crocks in a layer to create drainage for the plant roots – this is particularly important if there are no holes in your planter

Evergreen herb planter

Half fill the container with compost

Evergreen herb planter

Take the herb plants out of their pots and loosen the roots slightly if they are tightly matted

Evergreen herb planter

Position the herb plants in the container so that it looks good from all angles

Evergreen herb planter

Back fill around the plants with more compost and firmly slot them in well

Evergreen herb planter

Use tiny succulents to fill any gaps and create interesting texture contrasts in the arrangement. Make a hole with your finger or a dibber and tuck them in.

Evergreen herb planter

Place the container in a sunny spot and pinch out the tips of the herbs regularly to keep them bushy. Until Christmas comes around and you’re ready to make the stuffing, you’ll be able to use them to flavour your summer cocktails!

Essential tip: Before the weather gets cold again, put your planter in a sheltered frost-free spot in order to keep the plants looking tip top.

Guide provided by Pink Lady apples

Last modified: June 10, 2021

Written by 1:51 pm Gardening

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