How to make a Christmas centrepiece

Personalise your own table this Christmas with this step-to-step guide to making your own evergreen centrepiece.

Christmas centrepiece

Before you start, you'll need

  • Oasis foam
  • Bowl of water
  • Secateurs
  • Needle tool
  • 3x berry & cone sprigs
  • 3x foliage
  • 3x Christmas flowers
  • 0.56mm reel wire
  • Large pillar candle
  • Decorative bowl

Step 1

Assemble your elements

Assemble your flowers and foliage and if required cut the oasis block to fit your decorative bowl before soaking in water for 10 minutes. Hint – if using a candle, cut a 3cm deep well in the oasis the same diameter of the candle before soaking.

Step 2

Insert foliage

Cut the stems of the foliage at an angle and remove excess leaves before starting to insert into the foliage. Hint – place your stems in a circle shape so you can see the formation of the display before piercing the oasis.

Step 3

Add your candle

Add your candle so you can gauge how high you can arrange the flowers and berries, and cut the stems of the flowers at an angle before placing between the foliage. If using clumps of berries, wrap the stems in florist tape to make one stem.

Step 4

Thread in baubles

If you have cones or baubles, thread wire through then trim and twist the ends to make individual picks and insert between the foliage and flowers. Once complete, display on the table and water every few days to keep the oasis damp.

Tips from Chris Woods, Head Florist at Waitrose

Last modified: June 10, 2021

Written by 10:13 am Gardening