Shade-loving plants – top 6 ready-flowering plants

How do you make the most of a shaded garden. Check out our pick of the top 6 garden-ready plants.
Wooden Straw Parasol and bougainvillea - shade-loving plants

Exposure to the sun and the elements doesn’t suit all species. Here we take a look at shade-loving plants, where you should plant them and what they need to thrive.

When choosing plants for your space the fist thing you should consider is the type of shade that you have.

Light shade: If you have slight shade for all or most of the day;

Partial shade: As the sun traverses the sky, your plants are in direct light for some of the day;

Dappled shade: Typically shade from trees, this blotchy shade is created when the sun filters through overhead foliage.

For a more comprehensive break down of the different types shade you should consider visit the RHS page on shade gardening.

It is also a good idea to consider the soil you’ll be planting into. Although it seems to hot everywhere in 2022, we’re all old and sage enough to know that the British summer can have a pretty pronounced North / South divide.

Top 6 shade-loving plants

Busy lizzies

Busy lizzies are colourful, easy to grow and are ideal for hanging baskets or boxes that don’t get much sun. The double varieties give even more colour.

Big-eared Hostas

Many foliage plants grow well in shady places.  Ivy, ferns, and Hostas are always popular, but remember Hostas are also popular with slugs.

Begonias: the semi-shaded garden wonder

Begonias will all tolerate partial shade.  They are available in trailing and upright varieties in reds, yellows and purplish tones.

Saxifraga arendsii and London Pride

This pink blooming lovely is tough enough to spread colour in shade especially in warmer southern counties. London Pride, especially, produces masses of small pink flowers in early Summer.

Primulas and Polyanthus

Primulas and Polyanthus are suitable for containers in partial shade, however, they need to be kept moist as they will not do well if allowed to dry out. They will provide a lovely display in winter and early spring.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley are shade lovers and quickly form clumps. In the UK the waxy, white bell-like flowers appear in April or May.

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