Small details, big impact

Sprucing up your garden this autumn doesn’t need to be a big job; small changes can be just, if not more effective.

Even the smallest touches can work instant magic on an outdoor space. One carefully considered move and hey presto, that slightly shabby back fence, you’re not ready to replace, all but disappears. Here are some micro-moves that can make a big difference.

A cultivated plant pot

A cultivated pot

Even when your garden needs taming, one well-tended pot can make everything else look deliberate. Fill a container with annuals or an evergreen shrub such as boxwood or inkberry and position it near the front porch, say, or on the black patio.

A restrained plant palette

A kaleidoscope of plant colours dizzies the eye instead of calming it. Let the Landscape be primarily green and use colour as an accent.

Scale and proportion

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you size your draining and seating areas generously, you make a small outdoor space appear bigger. A classic rule of thumb is to allow a minimum distance from the edge of the table to the nearest obstruction (say a wall of 36 inches).

Garden with black window frames and steps

Basic black

If you’re installing wooden deer fending, trellises for roses, or stakes for plants, paint those elements black. Black disappears into the garden; that ‘landscape green’ colour looks anything but natural.

A good pruning

Like a great haircut, a good pruning can dramatically change an outdoor space. Do it yourself if you’re plant-savvy, or hire a skilled gardener or arborist.

Moving water

It’s easier than you’d think to get the soothing sound of a fountain. You need a simple watertight container (a terra-cotta pot, galvanised bathtub or urn), a re-circulating pump, and an electrical outlet to plug it into.

Complementary hardscape material

Less is more. Make sure your hardscape materials – stones, pavers, gravel, concrete, wood, and paint – all work together and also complement your house’s architectural materials.

Garden front steps

An eye to the edges

Any place where two materials meet is a loaded situation. Pay extra attention to detail and craftsmanship wherever paving meets gravel or a retaining wall, at the corners of raised planting beds, or along the line between lawn and flower bed. Make those junctures as clean as possible – without, need we say, the use of cheap plastic edging.

A well-swept path

A good sweeping makes everything look ordered, even if the rest of the garden is leaning toward wild!

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

Written by 11:20 am Gardening