Winter TLC for your lawn

Winter is one of the best times of year to give your lawn a bit of TLC to have it bouncing back in spring.

The end of the year is the perfect time to give your lawn some attention – the drop in temperature slows down the grass’ growth, allowing it to store nutrients and sugars, bracing itself for the imminent winter.

Follow these four easy steps this December and have your lawn bounce back to life in spring.


Lawn fertiliser

Use fertiliser to feed your lawn and ensure continuous growth throughout the winter months.

Not only will this give you a thriving lawn come spring, but it will also strengthen the grass to fight against any diseases that it may be more susceptible to in its weakened state.


Lawn Mowing

Always consider the final mow of the year. This is normally around December, but is dependent entirely on where in the UK you reside.

Raise the height of cut by one and a half, for an appropriate winter height and use a mulcher to leave clippings of the final mow on top of the grass, to provide its delicate roots with more nutrients.

Mulching also helps to keep the ground consistently cold, preventing thaw cycles, which could cause the ground to uproot new plants.


Lawn aerating

The more green-fingered of us already know that aeration during autumn reduces soil compaction, and prevents excessive thatch build-up.

De-compacting allows nutrients, air and sunlight to get down to the roots of the soil, leaving you with a luscious lawn.


Raking leaves

Remove any excess debris that cannot be used for mulch to prevent suffocating the lawn, stunting any growth and providing diseases with a moist environment to thrive in.

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Last modified: November 30, 2016

Written by 12:47 pm Gardening