How to play your old favourites online

You don’t need an expensive games console to enjoy playing online. Here, we choose our favourite classic games to play on the web.

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Many of us have fond memories of playing games during our youth, whether these were on Nintendo, PlayStation or even Sega or Atari, the games played on these consoles bring back memories of simpler times.

Non-digital card and board games were also a popular family pastime. An alien concept for many of today’s youth!

The great news is that many of these classic games can now be found online. With updated graphics and even new characters and adventures, your old favourites are just a few clicks away.

Here’s just a few that are currently available on the web:



It isn’t just video games that are making a comeback online, digital versions of popular casino games are also being played by those who previously enjoyed them offline.

Online poker is just one example of a classic casino game. With the game’s popularity growing at such a fast rate, competition between digital casinos is fierce. Many sites also offer great bonuses and no deposit options.

It’s not just popular with seasoned players, new players are logging on, developing a winning poker strategy and having a go at the huge range of games on offer. All variants of the game, including popular choices Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em, are available to play.



If you are a board game fan then you have definitely played a game of Monopoly at least once or twice. This game has been the cause of many squabbles during family game time, with fights over who gets to be banker and deals to be made over the best locations to buy up on the board.

Early versions of this board game has existed since the early 1900’s in the US, with the release of the Monopoly game as we know it being in 1935 by the Parker Brothers (later acquired by Hasbro). A UK version was created and released shortly after.

In the game, players must roll two dice to move around the board, buying up and trading properties and locations as they go. They can then add houses and hotels onto them, collecting rent from their opponents as they land on them. The aim of the game is to bankrupt the other players and achieve a monopoly through ownership of most of the board. Many versions of the game now exist, with different themes, locations and currencies.

One interesting fact about the game is that during the Second World War the British Secret Service, posing as a POW charity, sent fake versions of the game to their captured troops. The fake games contained money, maps and compasses to help them to escape.

You don’t need to possess a monopoly board or find other players to enjoy the game. A number of versions of the game are now available to play on the web. Playing online might not offer the same atmosphere of a family board game night, but if you are a true fan of the game, it’s definitely one to try out.



A retro arcade classic, many Asteroids fans will remember the release of this game on the Atari back in 1979.

In this space themed shooter game, players control a single spacecraft and must find their way through an asteroid field, destroying asteroids and flying saucers as they go. Players must destroy them all and avoid counter-strikes or being hit by the rocks.

The game’s display is simple yet effective, with vector graphics that are two dimensional. It was hugely popular on its release and inspired the creation of a number of other space themed games.

There are a number of versions of the game available to play online.

While new games with exciting themes and impressive graphics are being released regularly, sometimes it’s nice to reminisce and play our old favourites. Those listed above are just a few examples of classic games now available to play on the web.


Images by Jerry Kimbrell and StockSnap from Pixabay; Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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