Keep warm on your winter walks

With get fit topping most resolution lists, heading outside is a lovely way to stick to your goal but with the cooler weather, it’s important to make sure you’re dressed appropriately.


Winter is a superb time to appreciate the beauty of the British countryside. From snow-covered branches to misty meadows and icy lakes, winter walking allows you to breathe in the crisp, cool air, and soak up a wonderful feeling of calm and tranquility but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for the cooler weather.

Do you need some inspiration when it comes to deciding where to walk or are you unsure of beautiful walks right around the corner? Well, you can find lots of great walking inspiration at Visit Britain.

Whichever winter walk you choose, it’s important to be properly prepared beforehand. Staying comfortable during the cold weather will motivate you to stick to your fitness goals.

Keep warm – but not too warm

It is important to stay warm whilst out walking, so consider your fabric choice before you head out. Bear in mind that synthetics can cause overheating and sweating, which will ultimately lead to you feeling uncomfortable and chilly.

All-natural yarns, such as Merino wool, are ideal base layers, thanks to its moisture-wicking, breathable and flexible properties – all essential for a comfortable and enjoyable walk. Try layering a wool jumper under a lightweight, breathable jacket that can easily be removed if the sun makes an appearance.

If you find it difficult keeping your body temperature consistently warm, try packing a cosy knit in your backpack. Perfect for layering is a lamb’s wool cardigan, if you do get cold it would provide wonderful warmth.

Fuel your body

A caffeine-heavy cup of tea of coffee may seem like a good idea before you head out, but caffeine actually dilates your blood vessels. If your blood vessels are dilated, you are much more likely to lose heat quickly. Why not try a fruit tea or think about decaf instead.

It’s also best to eat a high-protein meal prior to heading out. A lovely, big bowl of porridge topped with fresh fruit is a fantastic shout. This protein-heavy choice will take longer to digest it, creating energy and keeping your body warmer for longer.

Warm those cockles

If you have a walk planned prepare your gear in advance. Warm your socks, hat, gloves and base layers on a hot radiator. This way you’ll have toasty layers to pop on before you leave, which will keep you feeling lovely and cosy during your walk.

Look after your skin

A hydrating moisturiser and a nourishing lip balm are both essential when you’re taking on the harsh, winter weather. Apply both generously before you head out, and carry pocket-sizes versions for longer walks. If the sun is shining, don’t forget that all-important sun screen too!

A hand-y hint

You may think gloves are the best accessory choice when it comes to winter walking, but actually, mitts allow your fingers to share heat, keeping your hands warmer. If you’re eager to take photographs of the glorious landscapes you discover upon your walk, try wearing fingerless gloves underneath your mitts. This way, when your mitts are off, you’ll still have lovely, warm hands, but your fingers will be free to capture the beauty.

Tips provided by WoolOvers, visit their site for outdoor gear inspiration and start planning your winter walks.

Image Credit: WoolOvers.com

Last modified: June 10, 2021

Written by 4:05 pm Home & Lifestyle

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