Maintain your summer glow – 5 expert tips to keep you active

Kate Duncan explains how you can keep healthy and active during the sizzling summer heat.
maintain your summer glow

The summer is the favourite season for many. Offering the time to relax in the sun, enjoy the warmer weather and get the desired summer glow. It is however easy to forget about what’s best for you when you’re soaking up the rays away from other responsibilities.

Kate Duncan, Club Manager at Audley Inglewood has provided her tips on how to keep your health at the forefront and keep the summer glow during the sizzling summer heat.

hydration - maintain your summer glow
One of the most important tips to help maintain your summer glow is to stay hydrated.

Hydration is key

Everything from the flight home from a holiday to the extreme outdoor temperatures means that your skin is crying out for water. All year round, but especially during the summer months, it’s incredibly important to drink up to 3 litres a day to keep hydrated.
To make it a bit more exciting, you can always add fresh lemon or lime to alkalise the body and help eliminate toxins. Having a break from alcohol always comes as a bonus for your skin as well!

Reduce the artificial food and up the organics

The summer holidays are all about relaxing and indulging, we all need to treat ourselves sometimes! However, when trying to get back into the habit of good health, it is particularly important to focus on having a balanced diet and removing as much artificial food from your diet as possible.

To help, why not try growing some of your own fruit or vegetables. Be that your own herbs indoors or planting some vegetables outside.

get an early night - maintain your summer glow
A regular early bedtime will have you feeling reinvigorated when you rise.

Get a few early nights

Travel takes it out of the mind, body and skin and this is made worse when you’re jetlagged. When you get back from holiday or have been out in the sun for a long time, it’s a good idea to relax your schedule so you can catch up on some much-needed rest. Try and get between seven to eight hours sleep a night.

beauty treatment - maintain your summer glow
Pamper yourself, because, why not?

Schedule in a beauty treatment

Caring for your skin is essential to revitalising your shine or possibly maintaining one after summer. Saunas and steam rooms are great for opening up any clogged pores, whilst facials, nail treatments or body massages can help with relaxation as well as helping bring back that summer glow.

new hobbies - maintain your summer glow
Taking up a new hobby or activity can help stimulate you mentally.

Get out in the fresh air or take up a new hobby

Summer is a busy season but it’s the best time to get out in the fresh air. Whether it be long walks or outdoor gym sessions, participating in light outdoor activities will release endorphins. Feel good hormones.

If you’re feeling ambitious it is recommended that a person should have three different hobbies; one to help keep you fit, one to keep you creative and one to make you money. This doesn’t have to be anything too vigorous, in fact there’s several hobbies which combines these together. There’s gardening, exercise classes, arts and crafts.

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