Highway code at 90. Savvy pass or woeful fail?

How would you fare if you were reassessed on your knowledge of the Highway Code? Take our quick quiz and find out.

The Highway Code is 90 years old this year and people are calling for it to be changed to comply with updated motorways and new technology, but what can they remember from their own theory test?

Most of us learn the rules of the road and then push driving test memories out of our minds -preferring to rely on our driving habits. But as the drivers’ bible, The Highway Code clocks up it’s 90th year of writing the rules that help keep us safe, there have been calls to bring it up to date.

As technology develops and we become ever more reliant on SatNav speed warnings and navigation prompts, maybe now is the time to reassess the Highway Code for relevance and ourselves for competence, for as 2019/2020 data showed more than half of those taking a theory test fail. (Driving Test Success)

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Last modified: June 24, 2021

Written by 5:38 pm Motoring