Can dogs drink beer?

Woof & Brew come up with a range of non-alcoholic tipples for well behaved pooches.
Woof & Brew treats for dogs

Can dogs drink beer? It’s a question I’ve asked myself as I sit enjoying a cooling shandy in the garden. I am always looking for new ways to treat my dog because frankly he deserves it. This week we decided to try something different than the regular boring dog treats. Woof & Brew very kindly sent us a box of novelty dog drinks (The Bottom Sniffer Beer, Posh Pooch Wine for Dogs and Earl Greyhound Herbal Tea) and I tried them on our regular dog expert Max.

First we tried the Bottom Sniffer Beer:

Bottom Sniffer Beer for dogs
Bottom Sniffer beer for dogs

This non carbonated – non alcoholic beer is filled with vitamins and minerals that is a unique gift for your dog. This beer is a mix of Bladderwrack, Burdock, Dandelion, Flax, Nettle Rooibos and most importantly natural chicken flavouring, but what’s special about this beer is that it’s designed to give your dog’s bottom a distinct odour that would make your dog stand out during walks.

We gave this to Max to try and his initial reaction to the beer was promising. I left it in the bowl for about ten minutes and he was curious at first going back and forth. (Probably wondering what the strange new drink was) but in the end it would seem that Max was not very enthusiastic about this one.

Earl Greyhound herbal tea
Keep your pooch teetotal with Earl Greyhound herbal tea

Next we tried the Herbal tea for dogs – Earl Greyhound. On the tin it says it is a blend of lavender, rose petals, lime flower, astragalus, devils claw, skullcap & orange flowers. Definitely a strong blend of flavours! When brewed with hot water the smells were impressive and I was hoping Max would enjoy this soothing tea more than the beer. However, it would also seem, when served cold, Max was also not very keen on the tea.

Posh Pooch wine for dogs
Posh Pooch wine for dogs

Don’t worry we saved the best for last. The Posh Pooch ‘Wine’ for dogs. An infusion of elderflower, nettle, ginseng and lime flower & black carrot.

The smell is not as strong as the tea or beer and Max was far more interested than the other two drinks. So in answer to the original question: Can dogs drink beer? The answer, in the case of this particularly over-pampered pooch, is no. Just like his owner, he’s a lover of wine.

Max is a happy dog
Beer, herbal tea, wine and a toy. Not a bad day for Max.

All in all, Max had a good time trying out these new drinks and flavours in the spring sun. Woof & Brew’s novelty drinks for pets is an unique idea and something fun for you to do with your pooches this summer.

Thank you Woof & Brew for sending us the care package to try and for giving Max a new dapper look.

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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