Caring for dogs in hot weather – 10 expert tips

Help you dog to stay cool when temperatures rise. Here are 10 top tips to help them through the heat.
Heatwave dog in pool - caring for dogs in hot weather

The recent mini heatwave saw temperatures pass 30C prompting many to seek tips on caring for dogs in hot weather. We asked pet food brand Natural Instinct how pet owners should help their dogs cool down.  

“With temperatures continuing to soar, we can often become preoccupied in ways to keep ourselves cool, from opting for light clothing through to using fans and enjoying an icy drink or two, explained Animal Behaviourist and Canine Specialist, Kirsten Dillon. “However, we must remember our pets cannot do this for themselves, and it is vital we protect them from the heat too. Pets can easily get dehydrated, and it is essential we monitor them during the hot weather, doing everything we can to keep them cool and comfortable.”

Top tips – caring for dogs in hot weather

Water - caring for dogs in hot weather
Keep your dog hydrated and always ensure it has access to fresh water.


Water is essential during a heatwave and having cool water available at all times, even when it’s warm, is very important for your dog (and you!). You could even pop in a few ice cubes for an extra refreshing feeling. If you’re considering travelling, pay special attention to caring for dogs in hot weather. Invest in a good quality travel bowl as well as a cooling water dispenser so that you have a supply when on the move. Also, never leave your dog in your car, even if it’s for 5 minutes and you do not feel that it is that hot. 

Shade - caring for dogs in hot weather
If your outside space has no natural shade – create some!


When indoors, avoid direct light and always check the temperatures of shaded areas, as they can be deceiving. For shaded relaxation areas, check the floor temperature and invest in a cooling mat and ice packs for extra comfort.

exercise - caring for dogs in hot weather
Exercise Pooch in the morning or evening when temperatures are more tolerable.


Don’t take your dog on walks or runs under the heat of the sun or at peak temperatures. Early mornings and evenings when temperatures have cooled down are the best times and find some shaded woodlands. Your dog will love it!

paws care for dogs in hot weather
Avoid walking your dog on pavements at the hottest time of the day.


Just like human skin, your pet’s paws can burn when they contact hot surfaces. Check ground temperatures for 20 seconds before your walk. Paws are similar to our thumb pads; they are sensitive and will react to the heat. Burnt feet pad signs are – limping, blisters, redness and your dog limping and licking their feet. Use shade, grass and earth as surfaces to walk on, as opposed to concrete and asphalt, which can quickly become very hot.

muzzle - caring for dogs in hot weather
Muzzles can restrict breathing – so make sure it is comfortable and fitted correctly.


For dogs that are required to wear a muzzle, ensure that it is correctly fitted and avoid taking them out when the weather is very hot. Just like wearing a face mask for humans under extreme heat, an ill-fitted muzzle can restrict breathing and panting for your pet, making them feel very uncomfortable.

Treats and food

Just like ice cream, frozen food and treats, or food that can be defrosted, is ideal for hot temperatures. Consider freezing carrots for a refreshing, healthy chew.

grooming - caring for dogs in hot weather
If your dog is a long-haired breed, consider a trip to the groomers to thin out the coat.


Just like our own human hair, a dog’s coat can start getting unruly in the summer as well as overheating, making them feel irritated. Brushing your dog’s hair regularly and taking them for a trim will help ease the strain of overheating. Also, look out for ticks as the heat is ideal for them to thrive. Long-haired breeds such as Huskies or German Shepherd types should be clipped for the summer. However, never let your groomer remove their undercoat. As much as this keeps them warm in the winter, it also keeps them cool in the summer, so leave it be.

sunburn - caring for dogs in hot weather
Dogs are as susceptible to sun burn as humans when skin is left exposed.


Pet sunscreen is available to buy and an essential for those with white fur, a thin coat or exposed patches of low pigment skin. 

When choosing a sunscreen for humans, ensure you purchase a pet-friendly one as some ingredients can be toxic to your pets. 

heatstroke - caring for dogs in hot weather
Caring for dogs in hot weather – understanding the signs of heatstroke.


If you think your pet has heatstroke, seek veterinary help immediately. There are many signs to look out for if you believe your pet has heatstroke:

  • Panting
  • Drooling or salivating
  • Acting lethargic and sleepy
  • A bright red tongue
  • Very red or pale gums
  • Increased heart rate
  • Breathing distress, vomiting and diarrhoea

We recommend contacting your vet, even if you think your pet’s condition is improving. 

Treatment for heatstroke 

To help with a heat stroke:

  • Make the dog as cool as possible by moving them to a cool area.
  • Use cool (not very cold) water, apply to lips, ears and coat, and try to get the dog to drink small amounts.
  • Apply a wet towel, but for no more than 5 minutes as it will begin to heat up. 

For more information, expert advice and top tips, visit the Natural Instinct website.

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