Dogs with personality – that suit you best

It’s long been said that man’s best friend is his dog but just how much do we know about them and their personality traits?
Dogs with personality

With more and more of us spending money on toys, healthcare and fashion accessories for our pets, it has become clear that many dog owners actually think of their dogs in human terms. Here we take a look at dogs with personality and how suitable for companionship they are.

Talk to any animal behaviourist and they’ll warn you against anthropomorphising your pets (attributing human characteristics to them) as it can lead to bad behaviour further down the line. However, when it comes to ‘personality’, it seems the nation’s dogs are a bunch of softies!

In fact, most of our four-legged friends fall into five classic personality types.

Animal behaviourist Ian Robinson commented: “We ascribe human traits to our dogs in order to understand and interpret their behaviour. There is no doubt that this contributes to the close relationship between owners and their dogs – however, it’s important to remember that dogs are dogs, and not everything they do can be explained in human terms.”

But there’s no doubt how unique the bond between humans and dogs is. Our dogs are as much a part of the household as the human members. With many saying their dog understands their moods and can pick up on how they’re feeling. Hmmm!

Here are five classic traits of dogs with personality

Saint Bernard - Dogs with personality
Big in stature and equally big in affection, the Saint Bernard can be a real softie

The big softie

Some dogs do their best but they’ll never be tough guys – they act big and brave, but they’re all bark and no trousers! Anyone who’s had to prise their Doberman out from behind their legs at the sight of the neighbour’s chihuahua will know what we mean.

The Saint Bernard is one such example. They are a loving, gentle and tolerant breed in spite of its size and are a good with families and children. A dog of this size does need training but the Saint Bernard has an excellent temperament and quickly pick up on positive reinforcement on what is being asked.

Pekinese - Dogs with personality
Pekinese are not the easiest dogs to train

Dim but adorable

You love your dog to bits and wouldn’t swap him for the world, but have to admit he’s a bit daft – not exactly guide dog standard! At least you know he’s never going to outsmart you.

The Pekinese is one such breed. They can be pretty stubborn and slow on the uptake, and are content to do their own thing. Personality-wise they are the canine equivalent of the cat.

Labrador retriever - dogs with personality
Labradors are active and very playful but need lots of exercise.

Active and outdoors

Energy and enthusiasm are the key to these athletic types. These dogs never get tired of chasing balls, sticks, cats – although their ‘chase now and think later’ mentality sometimes gets them into sticky situations!

They can also fit into the nice but dim category, the Labrador and golden retriever will run all day. Where they are running, they don’t care. What they are chasing, they don’t care. They make brilliant companions but it has to be said they are not brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

German shepherd - dogs with personality
German Shepherds can be heard long before you see them and make an ideal deterrent.

The guard dog

Their family is important to these dogs and they look after their own. They know their job is to defend the pack and they never let the side down. Which is unlucky for the postman, milkman, and any other unexpected intruders.

The German shepherd suits this role to a tee. Despite their size and intimidating bark, they are also very loving and gentle animals.

Chihuahua - dogs with personality
High maintenance attitude vs low maintenance food and exercise needs.

The Drama Queen

These dogs are the canine blue bloods and want the world to know it. This supermodel of the dog world knows he’s a superior being, and kicks up a fuss if things aren’t exactly to his liking.

Breeds such as the Chihuahua have been adopted as accessory dogs by celebrities due to their portability and low maintenance exercise needs. Beware if they are not socialised properly with other dogs early on, they can become yappy little irritants. Yes, we’ve all experienced them!

If you are happy running round after a blue blood house companion, then the Chihuahua, King Charles Spaniel or the Papillon will suit you down to the ground.

If you found Dogs with personality – that suit you best interesting, you’ll find more tips for how to look after a dog on our Pets channel.

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