10 tips for pet wellbeing and happy dogs

Use these 10 tips to keep a wellness routine for your dog and safeguard future health.
pet wellbeing

The pandemic has taught us to talk a lot about our own wellbeing but what about Pooch? Here are 10 tips for pet wellbeing.

It is easy to forget our four-legged friends need mental as well as physical stimulation – they suffer stress and anxiety just as humans do and taking them out provides them with the opportunity to socialise and take in all the new sights and smells.

Many of us have got into bad snacking habits due to lockdowns and the pandemic, and we’ve passed that onto our pets. Don’t be tempted to treat them with biscuits and leftovers, they are not suitable for dogs and you could end up making them ill.

Don’t skip a trip to the vet

Make sure your pet sees a vet at least once a year for a check up. This includes keeping its inoculation status up-to-date and checking for dental health, lumps and bumps, heart murmurs and other things an owner may not notice at home.


Be consistent with at-home health care for your pet, and give prescribed medication as directed. Keep your pet on year-round, monthly worm preventative. Regularly use flea prevention, even if you have an indoor pet.

Identification and microchipping

Get some sort of pet identification, whether it be a tag or a microchip. Photos are also a good way to help identify your pet if it should become lost. In general, try not to let your pet roam free. Keep it on a lead or in a fenced yard.

TLC aids pet wellbeing

Pay attention to your pet. They get bored and may become destructive without attention. Polish up your pet’s manners. Practice at home or go to obedience classes. Teach your pet a new, fun, interactive game like fetch or speak. It keeps your pet motivated. Learn pet massage. Not only can this help to give relief to older, arthritic animals, it is also a good way to bond with your pet.

Hygene and grooming

Pay attention to your pet’s hygiene. Trim the fat! Exercise and limit treats. Treats do not equal love – especially if the treats are human treats. You could actually be harming your pet by giving them biscuits, sweets and leftovers from dinner. Groom your pet regularly. It’s interactive and it’s good to get dead hair out of the coat. You may also discover lumps or bumps that need to be checked by your vet.

Brush your pet’s teeth and/or have a professional take care of your pet’s dental hygiene. Learn to clip your pet’s toenails or take them somewhere to have them clipped. Long nails are uncomfortable and sometimes grow into foot pads or break, which is very painful. Scoop your cat’s litter box daily. Do an entire litter change once a week.

Avoiding unexpected litters

Spay and neuter your pet. Not only does it prevent your dog falling pregnant, but it also has a lot of health benefits for the animal. In spayed females, there is less chance of developing mammary or breast cancer, uterine infections and cancers, and ovarian cancer. In neutered males, there’s a decrease in prostate problems, testicular cancer, roaming, urine marking and inter-male fighting.”


Make sure collars fit properly, and check the collar often. You should be able to slide two fingers underneath the collar. For dogs, try a pet halter called a Gentle Leader. You avoid tugging and pulling on your dog’s neck. It’s especially good for unruly, big dogs.

Pet proof your house

Keep poisons in locked cabinets, keep poisonous plants and electrical cords out of reach and don’t leave out strings or ribbons for a cat to swallow.

Understand what you are buying

Learn a fun fact about your pet’s species or breed. Research traits of a breed before buying it.

Be kind and spread the love

Donate money or items to your local animal shelter. Lockdown has seen a rise in the number of dogs being abandoned or left with shelters. They also take in stray animals that often turn out to be lost pets. One day, it could be your pet they reunite.

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