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Home for Life is the RSPCA’s free service, giving pet owners peace of mind. It means we will do all we can to find a new, loving home for your pet if you…
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Don’t leave your much-loved pet’s future to chance, be sure to plan for what happens to your companion after you are gone.

If you are concerned about what will happen to your pet after you pass away, you may be interested to know that your Will can be used to safeguard their future. By adding a simple clause in your Will instructing that care of your pet is handed over to the RSPCA after your death, you can rest assured the RSPCA will do all it can to find your companion a loving new home.

Christine Dooley, manager of RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre in West Malling, Kent, sees first hand the invaluable good that the Home for Life scheme does: “It’s an important scheme and really worthwhile. Not only does it provide peace of mind for you as an owner if you are worried about what is going to happen to your pet when you pass away, it is also really important for your pet. You can tell the RSPCA everything about him/her; you can tell them what their name is, what makes your pet comfortable, what they like to eat and advise on any medical conditions they have. It makes the process so much less stressful for all involved.”

“Forward planning the care of your pets is essential,” says Christine. “A simple clause in your Will will give you peace of mind for the future of any pet you have at the time of your passing.”

Offering a new home: Jean’s story

Jean Jago volunteered and fostered for the RSPCA for more than 15 years and has a dog of her own, called Inca.

“I was volunteering at RSPCA Leybourne and being older and having the time to do it, fostering was just a natural progression,” explained Jean. “The centre needed help and I was happy to do it.”

“I had a dog of my own so I mainly took in puppies as I thought Inca would be able to teach them a trick or two, but as Inca got older and I couldn’t have boisterous young pups around I decided to take in hamsters and kittens.”

“I think people are beginning to realise that they have to look ahead to what will happen to their pets should something happen to them and Home for Life naturally meets that need.”

Jean has a special affinity with the Home for Life scheme, as it was through it that she met Rosie, a 13 year-old miniature poodle. When Rosie’s owner passed away, she was taken to RSPCA Leybourne. Rosie is an elderly dog; she is blind from cataracts and has a Grade 3 heart murmur, so Jean stepped forward to foster her and give her a bit of TLC.

However, within hours of arriving at Jean’s house, Rosie had introduced herself to Inca, made herself at home and won a place in Jean’s heart. “It was as if she had been there all her life,” she explained.

Jean’s days of fostering are now over: “My dogs are old now and I can’t stay away from them too long,” she continued. But she is an example of the success of Home for Life and how one dog was given a new loving home through the work of the RSPCA.

If you would like the RSPCA’s Home for Life service to rehome your pet after you pass away, you must notify the RSPCA beforehand. Registering your pet will give you peace of mind and a comfortable future for your companion.

If you have any questions regarding Home for Life, please visit RSPCA Home for Life or call 0300 123 0239.

Home for Life is a free RSPCA service meaning we will do all we can to find a new, loving home for your pet should you pass away.

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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