50 bizarre ways to die – beware the clowns and swordfish

For some poor souls death arrives unexpectedly and can be very random and impossible to plan against. Here, we countdown 50 bizarre ways to die.
falling coconut - 50 bizarre ways to die
50 bizarre ways to die: Falling coconuts kill around 150 people per year.

Here’s a lighthearted look at 50 bizarre ways to die: From contenders for the Darwin Awards to people who just had a really, really bad day. You never know what’s around the corner, so maybe you should pay more attention to what happens to your loved ones if something should happen to you.

50 bizarre ways to die

  1. Falling out of bed – 450 people per year die after falling out of bed;
  2. Randy Llanes impaled on the bill of a swordfish;
  3. Falling off a ladder and landing head first in a water butt;
  4. Man killed by his own explosive while trying to steal from a condom dispenser;
  5. Hit by a coconut falling off a tree, approximately 150 people each year are killed by coconuts;
  6. Man died after being stabbed in the eye with an umbrella;
  7. Teenager taking a selfie with a loaded handgun shot himself in the throat;
  8. US cyclist, Troy Earl Smith Jr, shot himself to death with gun carried in his breast pocket;
  9. Man crushed while moving a fridge freezer;
  10. Undertaker Marc Bourjade crushed by his own coffins
  11. Crushed by your partner;
  12. In 1975, Alex Mitchell laughed so hard at The GoodiesEcky Thump‘ episode that he died of heart failure;
  13. Man run over by his own vehicle;
  14. Texan Michael Warner, 58, died of a lethal Sherry enema;
  15. King Adolf Frederick of Sweden – the King who ate himself to death;
  16. 24 people each year are killed by champagne corks;
  17. Strangled by neckties or scarves;
  18. Barry Pilgrim trampled by cattle in the Derbyshire;
  19. Peggye McNair and Mark Mere – trampled to death by camels on a farm;
  20. Alexandru Pop, 46, eaten by a drove of pigs;
  21. Spectator deaths – hit by golf ball, cricket ball, racing/rally car or motorcycle;
  22. Suicidal man who threatened to kill himself with a knife is shot dead by police;
  23. Roger Wallace was killed by his own remote controlled plane
  24. Stepping backwards off cliff or similar to help photographer get you in frame;
  25. Falling from the top of a lighthouse;
  26. Falling off an inflatable artwork;
  27. Falling into a water butt;
  28. Drowning in a barrel of mead;
  29. Drinking too much water;
  30. Killed by an industrial firework placed on head;
  31. Eating too many carrots;
  32. Swung by your ankles by a clown and hitting your head – William Snyder of Cincinnati, Ohio, died age 13 in 1854;
  33. Falling off a theatre balcony;
  34. Hit by a piece of falling scaffolding;
  35. Crushed by giant bale of hay falling on your van;
  36. Hit by bullets fired in celebration;
  37. Falling out of a tree;
  38. Walking through a closed glass door and being cut to death;
  39. Drowning in the bath;
  40. Car engine bonnet shutting on your head;
  41. Heading a medicine ball;
  42. Stabbed during argument over game of Ludo;
  43. Falling on to wine glass and cutting neck;
  44. Kicked by a horse;
  45. Burned to death while making a barbecue from an oil drum.
  46. Dropping weights on yourself while doing presses.
  47. Owner of the world’s longest beard tripped on it and broke his neck
  48. American lawyer Clement Vallandigham shot himself in a court room in 1871 while showing the jury how his client’s alleged murder victim had actually shot himself;
  49. Eight people were killed in the London Beer Flood of 1814, when 135,000 gallons of ale burst out of the Meux and Company Brewery on Tottenham Court Road;
  50. Death by carrot juice overdose. Basil Brown drank 10 gallons of juice in 10 days – overdosing on Vitamin A and suffering severe liver damage.

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