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Going out on a date can be a very daunting process as the world of dating has become a confusing maze of dos and don’ts. Here we take a look at dating advice for men that might take some of the stress out of meeting someone new.

Men can sometimes feel the pressure to find a partner, and if you’re recently getting back into the dating game, it can be tough navigating the road to love.

With the rise of online dating, there is always a growing concern that you don’t know who you are meeting. In fact, 21% of single people would be encouraged to use online dating more if users were vetted more thoroughly.

Elaine Parker, founder of Safer Date, reveals her expert dating advice for men ahead of your next big date.

She said: “Online dating can be tricky to navigate – especially if you are new to it or haven’t done it for a while. With all of the horror stories out there, it’s important to strike the right balance and to make your date feel comfortable and safe, while still having fun. Don’t be too pushy when you’re chatting to your potential date, and definitely do not ghost them! If she’s not for you, be polite about it and tell her – or use our graceful goodbye feature if you’re struggling for the right words

It’s all in the planning

So, you’ve met someone and it’s time to take the initiative and suggest going on a date. Whatever you do, don’t panic. First, try and think of somewhere to go and take the lead on this to help get that date secured. Keep in mind that the person on the other end of the conversation might be busy with something, so don’t expect a reply straight away every time.

Be mindful of where to meet, try meeting halfway so that both you and your date can get there and back again safely without being stranded! You might feel pressure choosing a venue yourself, so why not collaborate on where to go? Being conscious of your date’s preferences will help you choose somewhere you’re both comfortable with.

Going for a drink is a safe bet but keep in mind it might not be for everyone. If you’ve been chatting online for a while, there may be a common interest you can bond over. For the adventure seekers among us for example, think outside of the box and suggest go-karting or rock climbing.

When it comes to dating advice for men, there is one absolute rule for first, second or even third dates – avoid the cinema at all costs. Not being able to talk and get to know the person you’re with might not guarantee you another date. If you want to keep things casual, go for a coffee or walk in the park for a light and easy time; especially with the new ‘dawn dating’ trend on the rise.

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Golden rules of dating: Don’t be late

Dating advice for men – Onto the main event

It’s common courtesy to be on time, and no one like’s to be sat around waiting, so make a good impression by being prompt to your date. As endearing as you think it might seem, avoid taking flowers or a gift with you, since it may be seen as an instant red flag!

Keep it cool to help calm both of your nerves by asking interesting questions. After all, you need to test the water to see if they’re the right person for you. Are they family orientated? Any hobbies outside of work? Maybe you have similar music taste, what’s their favourite album? The most important part of all of this is to listen. Chances are you’ll pick up on other things that you’d like to know more about, resulting in great conversation.

See you again?

21st century dating has moved far away from traditional methods where the male would pay for the bill. Although it can be incredibly flattering to pay for the date, make a judgement call. If your date offers to half the bill, don’t be offended. It’s not that big of a deal.

Whether you had an exciting time or aren’t really feeling the romance, either way is fine. Just remember to be open and honest. If there wasn’t a spark, you might be better suited as friends. Whatever you do, do not ghost your date! Find a gentle solution to let your date know that you’re not interested in meeting again romantically. It could be as simple as a considerate message or an open conversation about how you’re feeling, whether online or offline nobody likes being left in the dark wondering what happened.

Finally, make sure your date gets home safely. Depending on where you are this could be offering to walk them to a taxi rank or waiting for their bus or taxi to arrive. If the date went really well, a clever way to follow up could be dropping a message like:

“Hey, had a fun time tonight, did you get home safe? Would love to see you again, when are you next free and we can get something planned?”

Set the tone and show your interest, if you really like someone, why wait to tell them?

If they feel the same, even better! More recently, Safer Date conducted research to reveal the 15th of April as the best date of the year to go on a date, so take note when checking your diary.

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