Marriage changes with age

Whether you’re recently married or have been married for many years, it’s important to understand that with age comes change in relationships.
marriage changes with age

Marriage changes with age – it is a fact. Relationships evolve and people change. When a couple  are seperated from the joint purpose of looking after a family or find themselves struggling to get to know each other again after retirment, it can lead to stress and arguments. Here are a few pointers for finding a way through your relationship challenges.

Communication is essential

Communication is an essential tool in a successful marriage. Set aside some time each day to talk with each other.

Take time for yourself and each other

Joined in marriage doesn’t mean joined at the hip. Remember that you’re still two different people and you need to make time for yourself, whether it’s a night out with friends or an hour alone to read a book. But just as it’s important to have time alone, it’s also imperative to spend quality time together. See a movie, go dancing or have a picnic.

Arguments and disagreements are inevitable

Learning how to handle arguments and disagreements is critical in any relationship. Sharing feelings instead of blaming helps keep the discussion on track. It’s important for you to use “I” statements. Instead of saying, “You hurt my feelings when…,” say “I felt hurt when….

Life changes and marriage

Retirement – Plan ahead for retirement; map out your future together and understand that you will need quality time alone, as well.

Empty nest – Your new role as a couple without children in the home can be both frightening and exciting. It’s now time for you and your spouse to do all the things you couldn’t do when you had children around.

Menopause – For many couples, this can be a time of emotional upheaval and frustration. However, on the bright side, many couples find that with this change comes the freedom to enjoy sexual relations without the worry of birth control.

Written by JK Jonsson 

Last modified: January 19, 2021

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