Spring clean your way to romance

Why do we spend so much time spring cleaning our homes, yet neglect our relationships?

spring clean your way to romance

Spring is well and truly upon us now and many of us will have been undertaking the long overdue clean up. As we emerge from the dark winter days and feel the need to chuck out unwanted clutter, maybe it is time to apply the same rules to our personal life. Here are our tips to spring clean your way to romance.

Few of us, however, pay the same attention to the state of our relationships.  Just as our homes become worn and torn over time, a little greyed and neglected and little jobs which need doing remain unattended to, so our one-to-one relationships also suffer from lack of attention and can become stale and tatty round the edges.

Yet if we put half as much energy into spring cleaning our romance as we do into our homes, we would be happier, more fulfilled and discover new excitement with the ones we love.

So this spring why not make a conscious effort to dust off the cobwebs in your heart and spruce up the romance in your life. Here are some spring cleaning tips to make romance sparkle:-

  • Book a table at a restaurant which you both have talked about trying but have never got around to visiting – and have the champagne waiting on ice.
  • Set aside a day for the two of you to visit an isolated beach together. Take a picnic and spend some time walking on the shore talking about the best times you have shared.
  • Take a day off from work and spend a whole day in bed together.  This doesn’t have to mean eight hours of non-stop sex.  Watch a video, read the newspapers, have lunch – the important thing is to communicate.
  • Buy him or her a special gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should say loudly and clearly “I love you and I appreciate you”.
  • It’s all too easy to criticise our partner but few of us bother to balance that with words of praise.  Tell your partner about their special qualities and make them feel good about themselves.
  • Be affectionate and praising of your loved one when you’re with friends.  Tell others about something amusing your partner has said or something noteworthy that they have done.  They will appreciate your loyalty and respect.
  • It is all too easy to become so comfortable in a relationship that one doesn’t feel the need to make an effort any more.  Buy a new outfit, have a makeover  or new hairstyle and wear perfume or aftershave. It will make you feel good too.
  • You probably have plenty of news and lots to say when you meet up with friends.  Try turning off the television and chatting with your partner as you would with a friend.  Surprisingly few of us do.
  • Finally, part of a successful romance is allowing each other space.  Evaluate your relationship and decide whether you need to look for an activity away from your partner and vice-versa.  A new, separate interest can be good for both of you and will give you something to talk about when you are together. 

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Last modified: June 22, 2021

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