Dating over 60 more likely to be a success story

Life experience and strong sense of self-worth help older daters make the right relationship choices.

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Dipping a toe back in the dating game when you’re over 60 might seem daunting. After all, the demographic makes up just 1% of Tinder users, however naysayers are ill informed according to statistics that show marriages in the 60+ age group are on the rise. 
The Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom reported that the number of brides and grooms aged 65 and over went up by 46% in a decade, from 7,468 in 2004 to 10,937 in 2014. A deeper dive into the research shows that the majority (92%) of the brides and grooms aged 65+ in 2014 were divorcees, widows or widowers. Just 8 out of every 10 were tying the knot for the first time.
Expert opinions credit the success of these relationships to the individuals involved using their life experience to choose a new partner. Being less likely to tolerate bad behaviour, and having a good sense of who you are and what you want saves time and hassle.
While starting to date again might be daunting in itself, the thought of attempting online dating may well be a solid no-go zone. In that case, the overwhelming advice is to become more social. Being an active member in the community, a regular at a local coffee shop, joining clubs or sports teams are all ways to integrate and meet new people. 
Editor in Chief for Move On magazine, Dorothea Haeusler said that dating at 60 might seem stressful, but should be embraced as a new chapter.
“Going into the situation with a positive approach is really important. There are a whole lot of people out there to connect with, and while you might not come across the right one straight away, you may well gather a few new friends,” Dot said.
“A real plus is that everyone in the demographic has their own baggage, their own unique story and a whole lot of life experience. People are more interesting now than they were in their 20s!,” she said. 

Last modified: January 8, 2021

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