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Is David Cameron losing the plot? Same sex marriage is not needed, says Tony Page.
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There’s an old saying I’ve heard a hundred times and each and every time the advice has been ignored – ‘Never believe your own PR!’. The Cameron/Osborne team (along with Nick Clegg, of course) are beginning to lose the plot!

The uneasy coalition has trodden carefully over the past 18 months in managing the economy that they have started earning brownie points with all sectors of the population. Their credibility is in the ascendency!

They took over government at the worst time in modern history – rising unemployment; the biggest deficit in history; inflation’ chronically low interest rates and a falling and failing economy! Add to this the global economic situation and the near collapse of the Euro because of the ‘Greek Bail Out’ this would be enough to make most men cry.

To govern under such circumstances is a challenge to which they have successfully risen – no mean feat! As voters, we may not like the medicine we have been compelled to take, but most of us understand it’s a lot better than facing long-term economic stagnation that would have been the alternative.

As the electorate showed at the last general election, none of the political parties could win an outright majority. Even so the determination of the coalition to push through on budget cuts has started to bring about the changes we need to get the economy growing again. Slow yes, but it is starting to work.

Has this given Cameron a greater sense of confidence than he deserves? It must have done as he is setting out to jeopardize this success with talking about changing the law to make gay marriages legal! He must know that this flies in the face of public opinion – especially traditional Tories.

He seems to have bowed to Lib Dems demands to pursue one of their more whacky policies- one which they never expected to be made law, as they never expected to be in power!. But now they are and Cameron has bitten the bullet and pushed forward with it. This change of law is the least expected and the least wanted by the majority of people. Christians don’t want it; the Pope doesn’t want it and neither do the British Muslim and Jewish communities … yet perhaps, most surprisingly, neither does it have the support of the people for whom the law change is supposed to benefit!

This horse trade with the Lib Dems must have been in  exchange for some bauble in Wednesday’s Budget – whatever it is, it’s too high a price to pay. This law  could seriously damage Cameron and Co at the polling booth!

Marriage was created as a contract between a man and woman, in which to create a family. It was not just about sex and companionship – it’s about families and to most people this is man, woman and children!

I have many gay friends – singles and couples alike and have had for the past 40 years and never once have I heard any of them wish for gay marriage. Most seem very happy with Civil Partnerships as a way of expressing a long term commitment.

No, Cameron has made a big mistake by nailing his colours to this mast – he should have let Clegg and his party push it forward. This folly will come around to bite and it will undo a lot of the goodwill gained over the past two years. It could be the difference of winning or losing the next election.

Step back, David, before it’s too late! Go through your consultation and put this to a free vote in the House of Commons and let it die on the floor – it’s a law that 99.9% of the whole electorate (including gays and lesbians) don’t need or particularly want!

If it does get passed into law who will sort out the really big issues:

Who pays for the wedding reception?

Who carries who over the threshold?

Who gives who away?

One stag party of two?

Same colour outfits?

Best man or best woman?

Who walks who down the aisle?

These will be  the questions that will need answering!

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Last modified: January 8, 2021

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