Worst Valentine’s presents

Valentine’s Day comes round but once a year, thankfully, and as the results of a recent survey show some folk have a strange way of trying to impress their lover.

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While some long for the annual celebration to express their love, others fear the romantic minefield and tread cautiously in their gift selection. In a recent survey, pre-wedding travel experts GoHen.com went out to the nation to discover how we’ll be spending our time and money this Valentine’s Day.

Survey results – worst gifts ever!

Over 1 in 3 women say the Valentine’s worst gift they’d received was being given nothing at all by their partner, despite the huge shop window displays 27% of men will forget Valentine’s Day. Seven percent claimed the biggest way to dent the love was to give a kitchen gadget or other housework appliance.

Underwear was another uncomfortable issue with many men committing the cardinal sin of getting the size wrong. While for men, the worst gift were those perennial passion killers; socks.

Other items that cropped up among the “Worst Valentine’s gift ever received” included;

“Dustbin lid with my name etched into it”

A bag of compost and a spade

Cellulite cream

Toilet seat

Breakfast cereal

Box of chocolates and the Atkins diet book

Did you know?

4% of all proposals take place on Valentine’s Day.
64% of women would prefer a romantic night in.
55% of people intend to spend less on a Valentine’s gift than last year.

Singletons certainly aren’t immune; nearly 6% of single men will spend over £100 on a Valentine’s gift to add a little wow to their wooing.

The study has shows this year romantics will light candles and dig out recipe books to prepare for a quite night in with happy hearts and for a lucky few… new socks.

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Last modified: January 8, 2021

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