Seven ways to regain the joy of reading this Christmas

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Seven ways to regain the joy of reading this Christmas

How a passion for perfection led to the creation of the ultimate reading light, endorsed by over 500 opticians. Exclusive light offer to 50connect readers.

This post is sponsored by Serious Readers

This post is sponsored by Serious Readers

Now that Christmas is nearly here, the longer, darker nights have many of us struggling to read in comfort. For avid readers, it becomes more difficult to lose yourself in a good book if you have to strain to see clearly.

If you find it hard to read or concentrate on your hobbies over the winter period due to poor light or other factors, you may find our list of seven tips helpful.

1. Choose the Right Light

Serious Readers

Poor lighting often causes eyestrain. It’s common to read under non-directional lamps, but for the optimum reading comfort, we recommend a directional light that throws a beam directly on to your page.  Get your choice of light right, and you’ll enjoy strain-free reading with every page turn.

You should consider the following factors when choosing a reading light:

Colour Temperature – ensure your light is neither too yellow nor too white. After decades of user feedback, we find the optimum for reading is a warm white, approximately 3,500 – 4,000 kelvin.

Flexibility – The light should be adjustable to suit the needs of the moment. A great light will allow you to adjust the brightness to suit the ambient conditions, and easily change the position via a flexible arm or light head.

Beam Spread – The perfect light for reading should be directional, but not too much so. Consider what you’ll be reading. If you’re reading books at the bedside, a light with a narrow beam will suffice. Should you be reading larger publications, a wider beam spread will be necessary.

Eye Conditions: Do you suffer from an eye condition such as macular degeneration or cataracts? A balanced, bright light beam as close to daylight as possible is most likely to help aid your reading.

A Serious Light could be the perfect antidote to your winter blues. Recommended by over 500 independent opticians, the bespoke technology in our lights sheds a natural, balanced and controllable output which allows you to adjust the beam to suit your eyes.

Every Serious Light is hand-built in the UK, fully assembled with no tools needed, and available to try risk-free for 30 days.

As an exclusive offer for 50Connect readers, every Serious Light order also benefits from a free Compact Light (RRP £150) when you quote code SR194. See below for details.

2. Use the correct eyewear

eye wear

When reading, eyestrain is the last thing you want. Picking up a novel is supposed to be enjoyable and thrilling rather than painful. The right eyewear, whether glasses or lenses, can improve your visual acuity, creating a great reading experience that your eyes will thank you for.

3. Create ambience


The key to a calming and enjoyable reading environment is the ambience. Perhaps play some pleasant background music, or use some mood lighting in addition to a high-quality reading light. Getting the ambience of your reading space right can improve your literary experience.

4. Enjoy hands-free comfort

hands free

No matter what you read, holding a book or magazine for extended lengths of time can tire out your arms and cause you to crane your neck looking down at the book.

The Levo grabs your book firmly in seconds and extends over your furniture, allowing you to read hands-free in complete comfort. The wheeled base moves quickly into position, and the heavy duty structure with weighted base gives peace of mind knowing your book is safe and secure.

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5. Sit in a comfortable chair

comfortable chair

We spend a lot of our life sitting down, and for good reason. A good sit down can refresh and relax you when needed. Consider the comfort factor of your chair, rather than just the aesthetics. If you don’t feel comfortable in a chair it can alter your posture and cause discomfort.

6. Pick the right location

pick the right location

Depending on what you do in your leisure and professional time, you may not have the choice of where you read. When you can control the location, it is essential to make the right choice.  Look to read in quiet places like the bedroom or a study where you can focus on the book you’ve been dying to read.

7. Read the right book

read the right book

This is your decision. This is ultimately what will make or break your whole experience. Look for a book that matches your interests. Find a book that you genuinely feel intrigued by. Choose a book that captures your imagination and sets it wild. Only you can truly decide what your next literary adventure will be.

This post is sponsored by Serious Readers

Last modified: February 21, 2021