Six tips for sticking to your resolutions

Making a New Year resolution is all well and good but how do you actually stick to them?

Woman runningCome New Year’s Day, waking with a heavy head, the New Year resolutions flood in. You really do mean to drop that dress size and this will be the year you run that race.

Making the resolutions is the easiest part but come the beginning of February, when dry January has finally drawn to a close, how do you stick to those goals?

The following tips will help guide you through a stronger year.

Don’t aim too high

Deciding to radically change your diet may sound impressive but is actually unrealistic. Setting a goal that is going to take up a lot of your time or one that requires extensive planning is not something that you are likely to stick too. After falling at the first hurdle, it is easy to give up so instead of cutting out all your favourite foods, cut back and start cooking more. Prepping each meal by hand will make you more mindful of the food you’re consuming.

Break it down

A year is a long period of time. Your targets, therefore, do not need to be reached come February so break the year up into sections. Make a note of what is achievable in three months time and focus on this, not the bigger picture.

Sign up

It may sound obvious but signing up to take part in an event will give you a focus that is hard to achieve on your own. If your resolution was to learn a language then book onto a local class or if you are determined to improve your fitness, have a look at local races.

Laura Burke, a running coach and part of the Reading Half Marathon team, explains how signing up improves your focus. “Whatever your level or pace, signing up to a race is important to stay motivated. Training for a weekly 5k such as parkrun or an official race, such as the Reading half marathon – which takes place Sunday 18 March 2018 – is a great way to channel your training and efforts.”


Write it down

As the weeks fly by it is easy to overlook your accomplishments and to feel as though you have not made any progress. Keeping a note of each milestone, however large or small, will keep you focused. Being able to look back over your own personal journey will give you the ego boost you deserve.

Treat yourself

Life is for living and taking away the little everyday joys will cause negative associations with your goals. This does not mean every work deserves a post-sweat slice of cake, but once you reached your first target book in a reward, such as a meal at that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try or treat yourself to that new pair of jeans you’ve been saving for.

Look the part

It is no secret but dressing the part will boost your confidence and motivate you to get going. To encourage you to get outside, ditch the oversized t-shirts and invest in some quality sportswear. Proskins slim leggings use compression technology to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve lymphatic drainage, reduce fluid retention and improve circulation flushing toxins and fluid from the body, so you won’t just look the part but you’ll also boost your performance potential. 

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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