50 is young and ripe for reinvention

Study uncovers 50+ generation’s attitude to life, the universe and aging, and reveals huge appetite for learning

50 Ripe for reinventionTurning 50 is the age of ‘experience’ a new survey* has found. Fifty is a time when British women celebrate their ‘experience and confidence in life’ with over half (57%)* declaring it’s a time of contentment when you know ‘what you’re doing’. Coupled with the fact that over a quarter of those interviewed said they still feel young and that turning fifty has just fuelled their appetite for life, with 40%* exclaiming that there is still so much to do.  

The Ski* 50 Years Young survey – which celebrates turning 50 Years Young in 2013 and was the first yogurt on British supermarket shelves to contain real fruit pieces – also asked women which celebrities turning the big 5-0 this year have mastered the art of ‘reinvention’ and staying ‘relevant’.

Reinvention is the master of looking good in your fifties and nearly half of those women surveyed (42%)* declared Johnny Depp as the number one male celebrity who has aged well, reinvented himself and stayed relevant. Brad Pitt, Mike Myers, Quentin Tarantino, all born in 1963 with Depp were deemed not quite as impressive.

Turning 50 prompts a desire for embracing the new and Ski Marketing Director Steve Clarke said, “Almost a third of women we spoke to – 32%* – see Ski as a great British institution but reinvention and staying ‘relevant’ by inspiring families via innovation has always been our raison d'etre.“

The survey found women are most likely to review their approach to health and diet (43%)* at 50 and more than a quarter (28%)* see it as a prime opportunity to have a make-over with their appearance.  Women born in the 60s will bring in their 50s with a party (34%)*.

Martin Luther King's landmark speech on 28th August 1963: 'I had a dream' received the most votes (21%)* for being the most significant milestone that year.  Other milestones in 1963 included the invention of the computer mouse (15%* of those surveyed felt this was the most impressive milestone that year) – and 17%* of the women living in the West Midlands are clearly Whovians – the first  episode aired of Dr Who was deemed the most significant in 1963!

The Ski* 50 Years Young celebrity league table for 'looking good at 50' revealed the following votes:

  1. Johnny Depp – 43%
  2. Brad Pitt – 31%
  3. Lisa Kudrow – 16%
  4. Brigitte Nielsen  – 2%
  5. Mike Myers – 2%
  6. Quentin Tarantino – 1%

League table for 'reinvention and staying relevant' revealed the following votes:

  1. Johnny Depp – 42%
  2. Brad Pitt – 26%
  3. Quentin Tarantino – 9%
  4. Lisa Kudrow – 6%
  5. Brigitte Nielsen – 5%
  6. Mike Myers – 4%

Celebrities turning 50 this year:

  James May   16 January  
  Jose Mourinho   26 January  
  Philip Glenister   10 February  
  Quentin Tarantino   27 March  
  Graham Norton   4 April  
  Julian Lennon   8 April  
  Mike Myers   25 May  
  Johnny Depp   9 June  
  George Michael    25 June  
  Brigitte Nielsen   15 July  
  Lisa Kudrow   30 July  
  Brad Pitt   18 December  


Last modified: May 10, 2013

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