Time to separate the sheep from the goats

Who would have thought it – even the media can’t tell us who will win the election. The Clegg factor has thrown the whole election fever into turmo…

His performance on the first ‘Leaders’ Debate’ last Thursday has catapulted the Liberal party way up in the voter’s polls –  and if you believe some of them – they’re even ahead of the Labour and Conservative parties.

This Thursday we have the second of the three debates with the topic – The Economy. This will certainly sort the sheep from the goats or even show up the supposed wolves! If Clegg is marked as scoring best in this debate you can bet your bottom dollar that it will genuinely affect the voting pattern at this election.

To come out tops in one debate could just be a reflection of the absolute apathy and disillusionment voters have with Cameron and Brown. With Brown we shouldn’t be surprised as the electorate’s contempt for him has been long seated and has much of the carry over towards Blair. 

Cameron is another matter. Many voters are expecting him to save the nation from another Brown government and his performance last week was poor to say the least – certainly not that of a man that is going to wrest the election from Labour. If he doesn’t excel this week then I think Clegg and Brown will be forming the next government. This will be a tragedy for the United Kingdom.

If Clegg repeats last week’s performance and come out best again then I think we will be witnessing one of the biggest voting turnarounds in modern history. One with the outside chance that the Liberals might even have to be thinking of what they would do if our Nick had to take a trip to the Palace to see the Queen.

Could this happen? I think not! Our voting system is skewed in favour of the two main parties so for the Liberals to win would be a monumental shift in voting practice. I don’t think that will happen.

When it comes to the day of the vote, the electorate will drop into one of two pockets – Labour or Tory. Who will win? Well now I think it is anyone’s game! Cameron is more than likely kicking himself for suggesting the TV debates in the first place!

PS – If the Liberals are put into the situation of forming a government with Labour, I wonder who will be the Chancellor of the Exchequer – Vince Cable (the thinking man’s economic crumpet) or (steady hands on the helm) Alistair Maclean Darling – a prize for anyone guessing my choice!

Last modified: April 20, 2010

Written by 3:35 pm News