10 ways to enjoy an all-inclusive cruise without piling on the pounds

This content is sponsored by Marella Cruises

This content is sponsored by Marella Cruises

It’s easy to over-indulge on an all-inclusive cruise, here we look at how to stay trim on the trip for anyone considering a cruise this year.
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Before COVID played havoc with our travel plans, more than 2.06 million UK residents enjoyed an ocean, river or coastal cruises in 2019. With restrictions now fully lifted many of us who have sailed before are planning to travel again – a little older and slightly wiser having maybe overdone it a tad last time.

One of the biggest attractions for an all-inclusive cruise deal is the excellent gourmet food available on board – and the better it tastes, the more you eat! It’s a challenge, but a very pleasant one. Here, we provide 50connect’s advice for how to stay trim on the trip for anyone considering a cruise this year:

Choose the healthy option Marella Cruises

1. If your mobility allows, choose a cabin on a lower deck and use the stairs rather than the lift

2. Select your meals from the healthy section of the menu every other day. You’ll feel much better for it. With fresh air, lots of activities to keep you up and about and varying your diet with some healthy options, you’ll return feeling like a brand new version of yourself.

3. Note to self – just because all food is included doesn’t mean you have to eat it … and the same goes with the drinks. You’ll have a much better cruise experience if you aren’t always full up.

4. Can’t resist that dessert? Share it with your dining companion and halve the damage

Swim it off - pool Marella Cruises

5. Swim it off. All cruise ships have excellent swimming pools, and what better way to use up the calories and enjoy the sun?

6. Marella Cruise ships have great fitness facilities – spend a little time in working out and then pamper yourself with a massage or beauty treatment

dancing the night away - Marella Cruises

7. Dance the night away. Many cruise ships have a nightclub where you can work that booty and go for the burn at the same time!

8. See whether your ship does any classes. Perhaps take a yoga workshop or Pilates class which will help you tone up and relax all in one.

9. Sightseeing can burn off a lot of calories, so take advantage of as many shore excursions as you can manage. You’ll take in some great sights and get some exercise too.

kick back and relax - Marella Cruises

10. Ignore all the above and just kick back and let the crew cater to your every need. This is your holiday after all so you should be allowed to live a little!

There’s no question there are some great deals to be had at the moment and cruises packaging fantastic accommodation, amazing food, brilliant facilities and entertainment, and exotic destinations for one all-inclusive price are very appealing. Get yourself booked. Pack your cases and embark on a fantastic journey sampling extraordinary flavours and exquisite dishes from far flung corners of the world. You can always head to the gym when you get back home!

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This content is sponsored by Marella Cruises

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