Speak Out Stay Safe: How the NSPCC is teaching children to recognise and speak out against abuse

This is an Advertisement Feature for NSPCC

This is an Advertisement Feature for NSPCC

Speak out Stay Safe is a classroom-based safeguarding programme for UK primary schools and is made possible by legacy gifts in Wills. Find out how you can help…
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The NSPCC is delivering some brilliant child safety initiatives that bring fun and learning together to help children live happier, safer lives. One such program is called Speak Out Stay Safe. The classroom-based sessions teach youngsters how to spot different kinds of abuse; remind them that abuse is never their fault; and reinforce their right to be safe! Children leave the session knowing that if ever they need help, they have places to turn, such as the NSPCC’s Childline service.

Speak Out Stay Safe workshops provide resources for teachers to explore safety issues, with the goal of encouraging children to speak out and seek help if they have concerns about their safety or that of others.

In 2021/22 the NSPCC reached nearly 900,000 children in over 3,800 schools through the NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe programme. The sessions provided important guidance for the youngsters on identifying abuse and neglect and reaffirmed the charity’s long-term goal to reach every primary school in the UK.  In doing so, the NSPCC will reach and help keep more than one million children safer through Speak Out Stay Safe.

The importance of Speak Out Stay Safe

‘I thought the programme was great. Very well pitched for Year 3 children, it generated great discussion. The children have all learnt the Childline number and I believe are very confident in knowing that abuse is never their fault and that they must always ask for help.’

‘It was so well thought through and gave me confidence to approach a difficult subject area as everything I needed was there.’

We all recognise the importance that young people – our grandchildren, our friends’ children – learn about the impact of subtle relationships early on, since some forms of abuse can be hard to spot as they get older.

The value of legacy gifts in Wills

The Speak Out Stay Safe program is an important tool and is just one way that NSPCC helps tackle sensitive topics to help kids understand that abuse is never their fault and that they have the right to stay safe. Speak Out Stay Safe has been made possible by your generosity through gifts in Wills. You can help NSPCC continue to deliver valuable educational resources like Speak Out Stay by leaving a legacy gift.

Give the most powerful gift

By remembering the NSPCC in your Will, you can give the most powerful gift — a safe and happy childhood. Download the free Gifts in Wills guide to find out more.

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This is an Advertisement Feature for NSPCC

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