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Find out how softened water can help you save time and money, leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

In the UK, we are lucky to have safe drinking water but most houses in the UK live in an area that has hard water. Would you like to know how hard your water is? Try this easy hard water checker to find out. In general, the South and East of England is known to have the hardest water. In these regions, water is often softened to help reduce the build-up of scale in your kettle, tiles, showers, washing machines, taps and pipes. BWT as water treatment specialists, have developed water softeners that transform your tap water to Luxury Water so it becomes kinder to your skin, reduces scale and prolongs the life of your home appliances. Luxury Water has many benefits, including that you will save time and money. Read on to see how Luxury Water can help you save!

How can Luxury Water help you safeguard your investments?

Living with hard water cannot only be costly in terms of money but in time as well. There are a variety of ways in which Luxury Water can help you save. Softened water can help prevent the build-up of new scale and even help to reduce existing scale. Less scale deposits not only help your appliances like washing machines last longer but also means you are likely to spend less on future repairs. Luxury Water not only helps to extend the life of your appliances but can also help you spend less money on household products like detergents, specialist cleaners and limescale removers.

Lower bills

Lower bills, happier homeowner

Energy bills can be higher when you live in a hard water area as Government statistics show that scale deposits reduce the efficiency of central heating systems, which means boilers, have to work harder and as a result, end up using more fuel which in turn can translate into larger heating bills. Luxury Water helps to reduce scale deposits, ensuring your boiler, washing machine and electric showers stays efficient for longer. In the long-term, the money you save could be used towards the more important things in life like a holiday or even your favourite hobby!

Energy savings

Indulge on a lower budget

If you live in a hard water area, the chances are you will end up spending more than you would like to on beauty products like soaps, shampoo and conditioners to get that perfect looking hair or soft skin. This is simply because you need more of each one to achieve that perfect lather than you would in softened water and the less you use the more you save.

Luxury Water from BWT offers a real difference that you can feel. Softened water brings a touch of luxury into your home, whether you choose to enjoy a revitalising shower or a hot, soothing bath, the richer lather and the softer suds created can help ease away the stresses of the day. Skin is left softer, smoother and feeling more replenished in natural way, whilst hair takes on a new shine and baths and showers can simply be rinsed clean saving you time and effort. Allowing you enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home, without the expensive price tag!

hard water washing machine

Effortless savings with a soft touch!

As much as we love our washing machines and the time they save us, the detergents we use in them can be harsh on delicate fabrics and dyes. Softened water allows you to use less soap and detergent in every wash and those little savings mount up, not only saving you money but also protecting your clothes. BWT’s Luxury Water can brings a newfound softness to your laundry. The smaller amounts of soaps and detergents rinse out more easily, leaving clothes brighter, cuddly, fluffier and softer to touch; a benefit the whole family can enjoy throughout the day. With softened water running through your machines, there are no hardness minerals to create limescale, existing scale gradually starts to reduce, and with less soap to wash away you can select those money saving shorter spin cycles!

relaxing massage

Enjoy saving your time to do the things you love

Luxury water, can revolutionise the way you clean. Less or no scale deposits mean less chemicals, less scrubbing and perfect sparkling surfaces like taps, tiles, and shower screens in a fraction of the time.  Freeing up time for the more important things in life like family, friends and even a stolen moment for ourselves. As one of our most precious resources we can often feel like time is in short supply and few of us wants to spend what little we do have cleaning. Luxury Water softeners from BWT deliver amazingly softened water that banishes limescale, saving you time cleaning so you can spend more of it enjoying yourself.

feel as good as new

Save that ‘new look’ for longer

Luxury water helps you preserve that ‘New look’ for longer, limescale can leave even the newest kitchen or bathroom renovation looking tired all too quickly. Luxury Water can help reduce limescale before it has a chance to ruin those bright shiny surfaces. Preserving the value of your home and reducing the time you need to spend cleaning so, you can do more of things you enjoy, like cooking, gardening, yoga or simply walking the dog.

Save the planet

Shiny hair with less shampoo, brighter kitchens and bathrooms with less cleaning products, brighter clothes with less detergents and efficient appliances are all good for our planet. Every little helps and with the cost of fuel our customers save, less chemicals down the drain with less bottles consigned to landfill, luxury water can also be a positive step in not only protecting your home, but in saving the environment too.

Luxury Water – created with you in mind

The good news is that with a BWT Luxury Water Softener you can save money and time whilst you enjoy peace of mind with your 5-year parts and 2-years labour warranty. BWT’s free at home commissioning, ensures you get the very best from your BWT softener. They are easy to install and specifically designed for UK homes and plumbing systems. They also feature smart water monitoring making them efficient and able to adapt to your lifestyle making them amongst the most efficient water softeners in the UK. All you have to worry about is keeping the softener topped up with salt.

Visit BWT’s Luxury Water website where you can find out more about how softened water can help you save time and money, leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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