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Worldwide Cancer Research is collecting stories to spark new cures for cancer.

1 in 2 of us will be affected by cancer in our lifetime. Most of us know someone who has been personally affected, whether this is a friend, a member of family, or even ourselves. Even so, Worldwide Cancer Research were not expecting such a phenomenal response when they put out an open call for supporters’ stories of cancer. 

Worldwide Cancer Research are an Edinburgh-based cancer research charity, investing in ideas that could revolutionise our ability to deal with cancer. The stories gathered have been a huge inspiration for the researchers at the heart of the charity.

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Worldwide Cancer Research

Worldwide Cancer Research Gift in Wills Manager, Mark Docherty, said, “We were blown away by the response. Every story of cancer, whether of hope or sadly of loss, motivates our researchers to think outside of the box and be the spark that ignites the breakthroughs we’ve all been waiting for.”  

These stories help to ground the work carried out by researchers who benefit from funding provided by charities like Worldwide Cancer Research. Our researchers care deeply about starting cures for cancer and this call for support, in the form of deeply personal stories, has been truly inspirational. Their personal stories ignite the spark for new ideas. They represent the real impact of the visionary and pioneering science taking place all over the world, to help stop cancer cutting so many lives short.

Cancer can be a terrifying and lonely experience, but stories like these remind us just how many peoples’ lives are affected by it. It demonstrates the strength of community. Sometimes people feel as though they can’t talk about their experiences with cancer, in fear of burdening their loved ones – this campaign provided that opportunity, with its supporters at the centre. 

One such story came from Basil Smith – Basil is 102, and lives independently. He plays tennis every week and owes his busy life to research, after being diagnosed with melanoma in 2013. “It must be about six or seven years now, since my last appointment and they gave me the all clear. Very lucky really, I’m very fortunate.”

“You feel that you’re no good for anybody. The will to want to live goes out through an open window. It’s a big problem for your family, your friends.” 

Basil Smith talking about how he felt on receiving his diagnosis.

Basil has left a gift in his Will to Worldwide Cancer Research, and urges others to consider the same. “I hope they eradicate it completely. That there won’t be any cancer patients in the world – no matter where they live or how poor they are, or how wealthy they are.”

Stories like Basil’s underline the real impact of cancer research across the world. The only way we can cure cancer is by working together to start the cures of tomorrow. Survival rates in the UK have doubled in the past 40 years – to ensure this trajectory continues, Worldwide Cancer Research needs supporters to help us raise vital funds for pioneering discoveries to stop cancer.

Whether you know someone personally affected by cancer, you have been personally affected by cancer yourself, or your life has never been touched by cancer, you can make a world of difference with a Worldwide Cancer Research gift in your Will. The only way we can end cancer is by working together to start new ideas for cancer cures today.

Be the spark that ignites future cancer cures with a gift in your Will.

We start cures for cancer, but we can’t do it without you.

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