5 Reasons to try a solo tour

Designed exclusively for solo travellers, Wendy Wu solo tours provide you with a ready-made group of like-minded fellow explorers to share your holiday with. H…

Great Wall of China

Seeing the world solo is an intimidating prospect, but it has so many advantages – it gets you out of your comfort zone, allows you to do what you want to do and gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Whilst we feel inspired by the fabulous solo travels of Joanna Lumley, here at Wendy Wu Tours we know that the idea of travelling solo is a daunting one. That’s why we’ve created a range of group tours to China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India designed especially for solo travellers, the perfect way to see the world solo but without having to go it alone.

1. It’s all about you

On a solo tour, it’s all about you. You get to pick your dream destination, you don’t have to depend on anyone else to come with you, and when you’re out exploring, the only person you need to worry about is you. There will be no making sure other people are happy, no pressure to do what other people want to do and it’ll be a revelation! You’ll also have a room to yourself, at no extra charge, so you’ve always got a space of retreat, to relax and reflect on the activities of the day.

The fact you are on an organised tour also means that everything is taken care of for you. No lengthy planning process, no putting together an itinerary, no worrying about where you are going and what you are doing. That means all you have to do is show up and have fun. Having said that, for anyone who wants to have a bit of a say in the where and the what, a Wendy Wu Solo tours has some built in free time, to give you the option of making your own plans.

get local knowledge

2. You get local knowledge

An integral part of the touring experience is a guide. Your guide, a local themselves, is your connection to your chosen destination. This is the person who will help you navigate local quirks and eccentricities, who will enlighten you on culture and history, and give you handy hints and tips that will help you really immerse yourself in the local way of life. They also provide a reassuring presence throughout your holiday, always on hand if you need them. And if you don’t need them? All fine, they will give you the time and space to do, and enjoy, things your way.

3. Your time and money matters

A group tour often works out cheaper than going it alone, simply because it is a more cost-effective way to travel. A Wendy Wu Solo tour is great value for money – flights, touring, hotels, transport, visas (where applicable) and many of your meals are included in the price, so you will always know how much your trip is going to cost you.

The other advantage of having your holiday all planned out? You spend your time doing and seeing more, whether that’s seeing sights, experiencing the culture or discovering your destination’s history. Whilst it might not always be the most in depth exploration, you can be sure that you will be seeing the very best of the country and travelling around it in the most efficient way possible.

Meet new people

4. You’ll meet new people

Travelling as part of a group means that you’ll be surrounded by people who share your passion for travel – a great basis for forming connections and friendships. And whilst it’s true that you might not see eye to eye with everyone, the act of interacting with new people will introduce you to types of personalities that you wouldn’t have come across in your day to day life, each bringing a different background, opinion and insight, giving you a wide range of perspectives on what you are seeing and experiencing. You’ll come home with broader views and a new network of friends and acquaintances with which you share a special bond forged through experiencing places and encounters together.

5. Shared experiences… when you want them

As we said above, joining a tour gives you instant access to a group of like-minded people with whom to share the experience of adventure with. Whilst you will admire world famous monuments and explore hidden corners together, there are also opportunities for the group to connect more closely, with immersive cultural encounters and group dinners. As much as it is nice to have company always available, we all need a bit of time on our own to relax and reflect on the experiences of the day, so we aim to strike the perfect balance on our Solo tours by including some free time, which you can spend doing your own thing or with your new found friends, as well as a room of your own with no single supplement to pay.

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Last modified: November 26, 2020

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