A holiday fit for social media braggards

Forget sun, sea and family friendly holidays…a third of British parents want their holidays to shine on their social media feeds!

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Social media has changed the way we communicate, share and consume news and now it seems it is influencing the way we holiday and enjoy short breaks, according to new research by boutique aparthotel group Roomzzz.

The recent study of 2000 parents showed that choosing holiday and short break destinations for many is based on how good they will look on their social media feeds.

33 per cent of those questioned admitted to choosing a holiday destination based on how good it looks on social media, with a whopping 71 per cent of all Londoners agreed that this was one of the most important factors when choosing a holiday destination.

And it appears who we holiday with is also changing, with almost a third of people admitting to now travelling with extended family and friends. Londoners again magnified this trend with 56% of them saying they holiday with grandparents and friends.

Don’t despair, although we might like to keep up with the Jones’ on our social media feeds, it seems our hearts are in the right place when it comes to why we take our families on short breaks or holiday, with having a ‘break from the norm’, ‘creating lasting memories’, ‘strengthening family bonds’ and ‘giving them a cultural experience’ all being the top answers.  But interestingly it seems Scots are the most passionate about offering their children a cultural experience with more than 48 per cent of respondents choosing this as a reason they travel.

Psychologist Donna Dawson explains, “The research shows that we want our choice of holiday destination to reflect well on us, by winning the approval of friends and acquaintances on social media. There is a competitive edge to social media where we vie with others to show how happy and successful we are – human nature relishes a little envy from others when it comes to making life choices, as that reinforces that our choices were good ones. However, we do realise that it’s all a game, and that the best holiday experiences actually come from sharing them with the people closest to us, our children and extended family. In the end, creating lasting memories and strengthening family bonds are more important to us.”

Gone are the days of setting off in the car and booking into a B&B. How times and attitudes have changed, it seems rather than living and embracing the experience, for some people it is about how it makes them look to their peers. The best holiday experience I have had was courtesy of a month-long student ticket travelling around Europe with two friends, a tent with no doors or fly sheet and not one camera between us.

Which just goes to show, the best holidays are held in your heart and not on your Instagram or Facebook page. 

Last modified: September 4, 2018

Written by 1:53 pm Travel