Buoyant 50somethings dominate cruise holidays

Research shows how younger older people are now the biggest buyers of cruise holidays.
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After analysing 10 years of bookings on its platform, Cruise.co.uk can show how cruising has changed in the past decade, finding that the average first time cruiser is now younger than ever before.

Cruise companies have remodelled their available on-board activities and this has resulted in rising numbers of younger ‘older’ people choosing to holiday in this way. With facilities such as rock climbing, yoga classes and fitness spas, not to mention an increase of disposable income, the average cruise age has dropped from 60 in 2004 to 55 in 2014, suggesting that cruise holidays are no longer exclusive to retirees.

Seamus Conlon, Managing Director of Cruise.co.uk explained, “Cruise ships have become so advanced that they’re now essentially floating holiday resorts. With affordable rates to exotic destinations and an unlimited range of entertainment and activities, it’s hardly surprising that first time cruisers are now a lot younger than they were in 2004, with a number of cruise lines now catering to both younger and older passengers alike.”

Perhaps due to the number of shorter cruises now available, the cost for cruise holidays has also reduced in the past decade, falling from £3,868 in 2004 to a more appetising average of £2,798 in 2014 – a reduction of £1,070. But even though many ‘experts’ would argue this is also attributed to the extended time cruisers now book in advance of their departure date, it seems this has also reduced.

Comparatively, the cruisers of 2004 booked an average of 218 days in advance of their cruise experiences, whereas the cruiser of 2014 booked their holiday an average of 168 days ahead of their departure, revealing that modern tech savvy cruisers now keep their eyes fixed on the horizon for the best deals. Looking at when the majority of people made their bookings in 2014. Cruise.co.uk discovered that March 27th ruled the waves as the most popular booking date this year.

“Cruising gives older travellers a chance to rediscover themselves and see the world,” continued Conlon. “As cruising has grown in popularity, a significant number of people have sensibly decided to go on their first cruise while they’re in prime physical condition, to take full advantage of both the on-board facilities and locations they visit. Given how tech savvy most people in their fifties and sixties are, they are now similarly capable of finding the best deals available, something our operators are also on hand to help with.”

Last modified: December 25, 2020

Written by 3:10 pm Cruising