Six reasons to ditch the land and climb aboard

With luxury accommodation, beautiful views and breathtaking destinations, a cruise holiday offers it all.

CruiseThere’s no denying that cruising is a very unique way to travel, to the extent that those who have never stepped aboard a cruise ship before can be put off by uncertainties. But while a first-time cruise may be a unique experience, there are plenty of great reasons why it is the best way to see the world. Here are six reasons for you to take the plunge and set off on your own maiden voyage.


No other method of travel guarantees you so much substance with such ease. Cruises allow you to explore a variety of places and cultures – each with a whole host of experiences on offer – with the convenience of staying in one central hub. With the simplicity of planning, no flights, no waiting in lounges or allowing extra hours for all the toing and froing, cruising is the ultimate all-inclusive adventure experience.


Regardless of your budget, cruises are inherently luxurious and promise a lush experience. Room service and highly trained staff are ready to provide you with everything you desire, while international experts in everything from cooking to entertainment are regular fixtures on cruises to deliver top-quality service. A diverse selection of fine dining restaurants and bars ensure you really enjoy the opulence of the ship, and whatever you end up doing, you will be in the company of world-class staff whose purpose is to make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

Family Friendly

Holidaying by cruise allows families of all sorts to make the most of their time together, all while enjoying experiences that cater to individual tastes. Certain lines specialise in delivering family-friendly service and activities, while certified kids clubs and other childcare facilities are a staple of most cruise ships, providing adults with a safe and fun place to leave their children while they indulge in their own escapades. Whether parents, grandparents or friends with kids, cruises are a great way for groups of mixed ages to get the most enjoyment out of their adventure.

Amazon rainforest


The variety of destination and the offering of a range of excursions make adventure cruising one of the most eclectic ways to see the world. In addition to these many offerings, the cruise industry is moving more in the direction of smaller vessels in order to navigate the harder-to-reach corners of the world that other methods of travel make inaccessible. The Amazon rainforest and the Arctic Circle are among the destinations emerging as popular for smaller adventure cruises.


Land-based adventures that involve a combination of destinations and activities are often laborious and require a lot of travelling and organisation. The sheer level of variety on offer in one place when cruising is unparalleled by other holidays: not only do you get to travel to a range of destinations and be immersed in their cultures, but there is an extensive menu of activities available both onboard and off-, from water sports and theatre dinner to Michelin star cuisine and classes taught by skilled experts, you are unlikely to find such a lot on offer at your disposal travelling on land.


If you are looking for something very specific out of your next holiday, cruises will have something for you. An increasing number of themed cruises operate all year round, offering unique experiences tailored to your passions. Whether it’s a golfing tour that allows you to play some of the world’s most famous courses, or a film cruise that coincides with the industry’s most prestigious film festivals, themed cruises offer that real once-in-a-lifetime experience that would be impossible to come by on land.

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Last modified: January 22, 2018

Written by 11:00 am Cruising