Three of the best hotels in Greece for art lovers

Make your holiday to Greece a cultural extravaganza by staying in one of the countries most artistic hotels.

The birthplace of Western civilisation doesn't disappoint when it comes to culture and art. If you love heritage, you’ll find historical sites and museums all over the country. But staying in art hotels is the best way to experience what Greece is all about. See the top three hotels in Greece for art lovers.

Pallas Athena 

Pallas Athena

For art in the heart of Athens, Pallas Athena never disappoints. The art-filled boutique hotel sits in Athens' historical centre, with easy access to the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis. But you don’t have to leave the hotel in search of art.

From the moment you arrive, the lobby and reception area welcome you with artworks. Pieces include a Joe di Maggio white leather chair, designed in 1970 by Donato d'Urbino, Gionatan de Pas and Paolo Lomazzi. There is also the Music Ball, a kinetic sculpture by leading Greek sculptor Takis.

63 unique rooms display vibrant colour palettes and bespoke furniture. Graffiti and stencil guestrooms feature pop art classics, such as Spiderman and the Smurfs. Rooms also showcase works by talented street artists, including Billy G, Dreyk the Pirate and Stellios Faytakis.

Art Chic Suites mix art pieces and designer furnishings to become your private gallery. For creative guests, the Prestige Pallas Suites serve as artistic hideaways. Each suite resembles an artist’s studio with white walls enhanced by pop artwork from the hotel’s private collection.

Throughout the year, exhibitions of promising artists add to the atmosphere. Eclectic works selected by expert curators reflect the trends of the avant-garde scene. The result is a living space that offers both beauty and functionality.



Styled after the grandeur of Minoan kings, Amirandes echoes Crete’s most inspiring features. You can view significant art pieces that you would only see in galleries and museums.

The prolific painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso once drew himself as a Minotaur—a mythical creature that lived in the Labyrinth of Knossos Palace, a few kilometres from Amirandes. He adored ceramics and created them for 25 years (1947–1973).

Today, Picasso's spirit lives on at the Minotaur restaurant. A private collection of Picasso ceramics adorns the space, in honour of ancient ceramic art and the way it inspired the 20th-century masters.

Amirandes also offers cosy villas with breathtaking views, excellent services, fine dining and a host of family-friendly activities.

Cape Sounio 

Cape Sounio

Cape Sounio blurs the line between art and life. Overlooking the Temple of Poseidon, this five-star resort sits awash in shades of terracotta and hues of golds, greens and blues.

Arcaded buildings inspired by ancient Greek architecture house the hotel's public areas. A few steps away, bougainvillaea and jasmine frame the landscaped grounds, private pools and decorative fountains.

Admire sculptures by Constantinos Valaes, one of the most recognised artists in the region. His metal olive trees, moulded into various shapes and colours, pepper the property.

Cape Sounio's convenient location (one hour from the city centre) makes it easy to visit the Athenian Riviera. Art lovers are encouraged to visit the Benaki Museum for ancient Greek, Byzantine and even Chinese artwork.

You should also visit the Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art, the National Art Gallery and the National Archaeological Museum. Regardless of your tastes, these attractions have many treasures for you to discover. 

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

Written by 12:12 pm Europe