Time to take a fresh look at Eurocamp

There was a time when camping holidays were for those who liked to keep things simple. But, as Eurocamp proves, it’s possible to enjoy outdoor-living wit…

Outdoor dining at Eurocamp What if you could take a holiday that allowed you complete freedom to explore, unwind, experience new adventures – new sports, new sights, new tastes – every day? And, at the end of each day, return to a cosy, spacious and private holiday home, complete with its own decking, en-suite bedroom and fully-fitted kitchen?

What if everything you thought you knew about Eurocamp was wrong? Well, it’s just possible it’s time you took a fresh look at Europe’s leading provider of parc-based, outdoor-loving holidays. Because today’s Eurocamp offers exactly the same sense of adventure and free-spirited fun as it always has – but with a few well-thought-out tweaks that propel this well-respected holiday company into a whole new league of comfort and luxury.

For a start, while they were one of the first champions of tent-based European holidays, these days Eurocamp’s parcs feature some of the most stylish and roomy mobile holiday homes we’ve ever seen. Think full sized beds, sofas in the lounge and sleek fitted kitchens. Add hot showers, cool air-con and roomy decking with BBQ sets and you’re looking at a space you’ll be delighted to call home for a week or two.

But what if canvas still calls to you? Well, Eurocamp have revamped things here too – their elegant Safari Tents are the last word in camping luxury, with proper beds, wooden dining furniture and that all-important space to stretch out: in the open-air, and tucked up inside too. Banish all memories of camping holidays of yore. This is camping 21st century-style. Camping that doesn’t sacrifice the fun elements of outdoor-living, while ensuring our creature comforts aren’t compromised either.

Beach views The other most obvious development? Eurocamp’s parcs. Surely ranking amongst Europe’s most well-appointed, the 190 or so locations vie for your attention with their array of spas, pools, entertainment complexes and beautiful grounds. It really is difficult to narrow your search down. So think about what is it you want from a holiday, and take it from there.

If you’re a water baby, the choice doesn’t get any easier. There are some world-class pool complexes here. From the lazy rivers of Sequoia Park in the Gironde region of southwest France, to the huge lagoon-shaped pool and water slides of Marina di Venezia, a boat-taxi away from Venice.

Sports from rock climbing to horse riding, quad-biking to archery all up the ante, and offer you the chance to try out that thing-you’ve-always-meant-to-do. In complete safety, and with the option to never try it again, if you discover you were just never meant to be a world class equestrian show jumper. Happens to the best of us. And a hot-stone therapy treatment is all the compensation you need, if you’re saddle sore after your exploits.

There are restaurants, bars, bakeries and pizzerias scattered across most sites too – but many Eurocampers love nothing more than ending their days firing up the barbeque on their decking: perhaps cooking up something freshly landed at the local market. Washed down with a glass of something freshly picked from the local vineyard and we’re beginning to see the attraction ourselves.

Of course, no two Eurocamp holidays are the same – parcs nestle in verdant countryside, sit alongside terrific stretches of beach, and hunker down just as comfortably within striking distance of cities such as Paris, Rome and Barcelona. So, really, the only thing they all have in common is the ease in which they allow you to take each day as it comes: and plan your next big adventure. And if that just happens to be a stroll to the pool and back, that works too!

Last modified: November 26, 2020

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