Hidden secrets of Puglia

Explore the fantastic coastline, historic towns and villages of the Puglia region.
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The region of Puglia in southern Italy is a relatively unknown gem, in the heel of Italy’s ‘boot’. Despite being one of Italy’s best kept secrets, Puglia is widely tipped as the country’s hot new destination. A trip to this region rewards visitors with fab food and wines, charming towns, beautiful beaches and impressive landscapes, all teamed with a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate.

There’s so much to see and do in this ideal holiday spot, so here’s a selection of the region’s off-the-beaten-track highlights, as well as some unique insider tips.

Charming Ceglia Messapica

Beautiful Ceglia Messapica is an ancient centre surrounded by four giant fortified walls – each 5km long – which served as a great defence against the Greeks in the 3rd century BC. The town is dominated by its impressive 14th century castle and the surrounding Itria Valley, home to Puglia’s unmistakable trulli (unique, white conical houses) and masserie (giant manor houses).

Insider Tip

The town is known as one of the gastronomic centres of Italy with many restaurants serving local specialties. While here, be sure to sample some of the gelati from one of the street cafés and stop into Arrosteria Borgo Antico, a simple and welcoming family-run restaurant specialising in delicious grilled meat.

Beautiful coastal drive

Between Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca lies a long stretch of stunning coastal road, which should be top of the list for anyone hiring a car in the region. A favourite with locals and tourists alike, the scenery along this route is some of the most beautiful in Puglia. The road hugs the incredible white stone cliffs of the southern Italian coastline, offering unrestricted views of the turquoise Adriatic Sea. The drive passes picturesque coastal towns, white sandy beaches and affords visitors access to tucked-away sea caves.

Insider Tip

Along the way, around 7km north of Santa Maria di Leuca, is Ponte Ciolo with a lovely small bay and a spectacular bridge. Local young people and brave visitors leap from the surrounding rocks, which rise to over 10 metres high, into the crystal blue Adriatic waters. Do you think you’d be brave enough to give it a try yourself?

Terrific Tricase

Tricase is the site of Castello Gallone, a 16th century castle, and the Quercia Vallonea, a huge and famous Valonia Oak tree that is amongst the oldest in Italy. Dating back to the 13th century, the tree is also known as the Quercia dei Cento Cavalieri (the Oak Tree of One Hundred Knights), has a trunk around 1.5 metres thick and is to be found on the road between Tricase and Tricase Porto. Also in this historical town is the 9th century Crypt of the Gonfalon with stunning pillars and Baroque-style altar and the 5th century church with beautiful mosaics and frescoes.

Insider Tip

While in Tricase, stop for a bite to eat at Bolina on Lungomare Cristofo Colombo in Tricase Porto. This wonderful restaurant is located in the beautiful harbour and serves excellent seafood dishes and wine.

Magical Maglie

The charming village of Maglie lies in the heart of the Salento area and has a typical south Italian style. Shopaholics will love wandering through the many chic boutiques selling famous Italian brands.  There is a charming piazza, as well as some speciality food shops such as the well-known Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri for pasta, on Via Garibaldi 64 and Maglio, on Via Giuseppe Mazzini 48 for chocolate and ice cream!

Insider Tip

Each year in August Maglie’s four-day Il Mercatino del Gusto (Slow Food festival) transforms the village into a land of food and the piazza is dedicated to wine! Maglie renames each street after local products such as extra virgin olive oil, fried fish and cheeses. This is a great way to experience this charming village, as well as experiencing some of Puglia’s most delectable delicacies!

Where to stay

Whether you’re travelling as a group, family or a couple, a there’s a huge range of Puglia villas, which offer the freedom to really live like a local. Towns such as Alberobello, Cisterino, Locorontondo and Ostuni all have regular markets which are perfect for picking up some fantastic local produce to cook up your own Puglian culinary creations back at home.  They are also located quite centrally within the region, so positioning staying in this area means you can easily explore this beautiful area.

Insider Tip

Enjoy a taste of traditional accommodation in your very own Puglian trulli, such as I Trulli delle Sette Sorelle. It is centrally located and perfect for exploring the fantastic coastline, historic towns and beautiful villages of the region.

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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