Top 5 countries to visit now

The post-Christmas slump has arrived. Katie Cosstick of Cox & Kings gives her recommendations for escaping the British winter.
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With its colourful blend of colonial towns, rolling countryside and pristine beaches, Cuba tours are a fascinating and memorable experience.  With sanctions being lifted, and politics at the brink of change, now is the time to visit. The buildings of Havana, one of the oldest and grandest cities in the Americas, are gradually being restored back to their former glory but only add to the atmosphere of the city. Discover the music and culture of this vibrant country or simply sit back and relax on one of the white sand beaches.

Sigiriya Lion Rock fortress and landscape in Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya Lion Rock fortress and landscape in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka

For a comparatively small island, Sri Lanka fits a lot in! The ancient cities and archaeological sites of the cultural triangle make for an interesting contrast to the wildlife reserves –home to a plethora of animals including leopards and Asian elephants – and the beautiful coastline and secluded beaches. Stay in colonial tea plantation houses set among verdant rolling hills or visit the Pinnawala elephant orphanage. Discover colourful festivals, quaint towns and villages, tropical rainforests and cave temples adorned by centuries-old frescos on one of Cox & Kings’ Sri Lanka tours.

Champagne pool Waiotapu

Champagne pool Waiotapu

New Zealand

Escape the cold northern hemisphere winter and head to a southern summer. There are many different possibilities for New Zealand holidays in 2014 – but it’s best to visit now, before William and Kate get there. With landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains, glaciers and volcanos to picturesque coastlines characterised by fiords and mangrove-fringed inlets, both the north and south islands are spectacular locations for lovers of the great outdoors.

Oman - Muskat, Masjid Al Rasool Al A`dham Mosque with flowers

Oman – Muskat, Masjid Al Rasool Al A`dham Mosque with flowers


With a combination of natural beauty and a well-preserved culture, the sultanate of Oman is one of the least discovered countries in the Middle East. From magnificent forts and palaces to rolling sand dunes and underground caves, Oman tours have something to excite everyone. After exploring the city of Muscat with its atmospheric souks and waterfront, explore the desert landscapes, wadis and shifting sands of the interior, watch turtles nesting on the beach or visit the unique province of Salalah in the south, home to ancient forts, archaeological sites, fishing villages and tombs of prophets.

Antarctica, penguin colony

Antarctica, penguin colony


As spectacular as it is dramatic, the summer months of the southern hemisphere is the ideal time for Antarctica holidays as the waters of the infamous Drake Passage are at their calmest. Giant icebergs, astounding glaciers and jagged ice mountains are home to penguins, leopard seals, minke and humpback whales and a myriad of seabird species. Combining easily with Chile or Argentina, the Falkland Islands can also be visited as part of an Antarctic voyage.

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