Top ski holiday hacks

Make sure your skiing holiday runs as smoothly as possible with these top tips.

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Unlike a beach break, the essential items you'll require for a skiing holiday need a little more thought and consideration – fear not, though, there's still a place for the sun-cream, a swimsuit and a good book. Here are 10 tips to ensure piste packing preparedness. 

Pack efficiently and effectively

Smart packing is key for a skiing trip, so make sure you don’t forget any essentials to avoid spending a fortune at the resort. Make a checklist of all your essentials and equipment. If you’re also tight for space, roll up your clothes and tuck small items into your boots or shoes.  

Take tea-bags

There is always a need for a cup of tea, so make sure you pack some decent tea bags in case of a shortage at the hotel or chalet. They are the perfect dual item too; if you pop them into your ski boots after each day or even only on the journey home, they will prevent them from smelling. 

Look after your skin

The coldness of the mountains can be tough on your skin, causing your skin to dry out much more quickly than usual. Ensure you’re placing enough moisture on your skin to stay glowing and hydrated from day to night. Cetraben is handbag sized and should be on your packing list as it soothes, moisturises, softens and protects your skin. 

Build your fitness

Skiing can be tough on your muscles and turns out it can be a real workout, so make sure you’re feeling fit before you go. In order to make the most of your trip and to not wake up on the second day with aching limbs leaving you unable to ski, try doing some deadlifts, squats and lunges to build your muscle before your trip. If you do find yourself aching, try Movelat to relieve pain or pack some Kneipp Arnica Mineral Bath Salts to relax, unwind and alleviate aches. 

Buy gloves with loops

You certainly need gloves for the slopes, but when you stop for a drink or a light lunch they’re easy to misplace or drop off. Invest in some gloves with loops that you can attach to your wrist, meaning you can take them on and off knowing they will always be there when you go to put them back on your hands. 

Stay hydrated

As we’ve mentioned, skiing is exercise and can be tiring, therefore whilst you may not feel hot bothered or thirsty, you may still be dehydrated, especially if you are drinking a lot of booze too. Drink plenty of water throughout the day or stay hydrated with Dioralyte.

Pack instant hand warmers

Beat the cold mornings with some compact, instant hand warmers to boost your warmth. These can also be popped into your ski boots first thing in the morning, so when you’re ready to head out, you can pop your feet into warming ski-boots, this is especially essential if you’ve left your boots outside overnight! 

Go solo at the ski lift

If you’re at a popular resort in peak time, chances are the ski lifts will be busy. If there’s a crowd of you, squeezing into the same lift becomes difficult – so split up and arrange to meet up at the top.  

Do your research

If you’re going to a new resort or skiing for the first time, don’t forget to research the area and slopes. Know which slopes you’ll be able to hack and don’t get yourself into trouble underestimating the runs. You could also watch some videos to get to grips with the best techniques to improve your skiing.   

Last modified: June 10, 2021

Written by 2:39 pm Travel