Wine tours that deserve your attention

Ian Pearson explains why a wine tour is a holiday that delivers more than just excellent wine.

Nappa Valley

We all need a holiday now and then. Whether we take a trip to France or camp in our own backyard, taking a regular holiday is a necessity. Taking regular breaks, out of town or simply away from work, decreases stress and keeps everyone in good spirits.

Wine country, wherever it may be, has been a popular destination for travelers to raise their spirits in a relaxing, rural atmosphere. Whether it be in California, France, or Vietnam, you will find the holiday of a lifetime. Rich with culture, history, authentic and contemporary restaurants and cafés, vineyards satisfy a thirst for travel and something new.

Find Your Wine

California is a great place to visit for many wine lovers. It may only be a few miles away, but it is a world apart. Sonoma and Napa Valley are just a few of the Golden State’s hidden vino gems. Sonoma has organic farms, coffee shops, restaurants and local culture in abundance. The weather in the area allows for unusually long seasons and it provides an ideal environment for grapes.

Another popular stop on any great wine tour is California’s Napa Valley. Often rated as the best in the country, Napa Valley rose to fame in the 1960s, although wine making began in the mid-1800s. The first commercial vineyard was wine for the sake of it, and this attitude carries into today’s world renowned landscape.

Although Napa Valley is said to have knocked France off the map for prestigious wineries, the remarkable region of Southern France remains at the top of any vino’s list of holiday destinations. Bordeaux is a remarkable and historic location where tourists can enjoy quaint shops and restaurants, the tallest dune in Europe, and bike through the city. As well, Languedoc is the largest wine-producing region in the world. Tour the pastoral landscape with a finely crafted glass of wine and find yourself again.

Italy is a romantic destination for many reasons, and its vineyards stand above most others. Popular regions such as Tuscany are compelling and contemporary and such fermented treasures as Isole e Olena, Fontodi, and Querciabella. This region offers a winery experience that no other place in the world can truly match. Other underrated wines making regions in the country include Bardolino, Chianti, and Umbria. When in Rome, live as deliciously as the Romans would.

If you are looking for a smaller, more pristine environment to sit back and sip wine, Umbria is going to provide you with sweeping hills and valleys, greenery to spare, and endless olive groves. The Sagrantino di Montefalco in Umbria has cemented its place on the map because of the vibrant red of local Sagrantino grapes.

Explore Vietnam

Vietnam vineyard

Vietnam is a beautiful country that invites new travelers with a new adventure and incredible sights. The Southeast Asian country normalized relations with the United States in 1995, and since then, tourism has been steadily increasing for the island country. Although it slowed down in 2008, tourism accounts for over five percent of Vietnam’s national product. Over the past two decades, more and more tourist attractions have been developed. Buzzing with history, culture, cuisine, and romance, everyone will fall in love with in Vietnam.

Popular tourist attractions include the tunnel complexes and bunkers that were set down in the Vietnam War. From the time that they were occupied by the Japanese during World War and eventually fought both the French and the United States and reunited communist North Vietnam and the Republic of (South) Vietnam.

Many tourists can tour the tunnels and barracks dating back to World War II, as well as Thang Long, an ancient castle in Hanoi that is currently an active archaeological dig. Like these historical attractions that appeal to thousands of tourists every year, Vietnam also has a long and bumpy history with wine.

A Growing Wine Country

Because Vietnam was a different climate from a grape vine’s native environment, it took trial and error to understand where grapes would grow best in the new country. They found that wine producing grapes could be grown in the highlands of Southern Vietnam; this meant primarily fruit-based wines. However, with help from wine experts in Australia and America, and a dynamic growing plan, wineries were built around the country. Although foreign wines are often enjoyed in Vietnam, the growing local wine industry is much preferred.

A holiday in Vietnam has plenty to offer to tourists, especially in recent years. The country has seen continuous growth in local wineries and historical tourism. Local knowledge is shared among tourists and the Vietnamese alike, and it has helped to spread the word about the exceptional new wines in the area.

Renew Your Spirit

Whether you are a lifelong lover of wine or want to gain a new sense of adventure, Vietnam is a promising newcomer in the world of spirit and adventure. A country abundant with history and culture, it truly has something to offer everyone. Try a local fruit wine, visit the remnants of war, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Last modified: June 10, 2021

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