Red Sea adventure

Roll back the years – or take those chances you never took – at Breakers Diving and Surfing Lodge, on Somabay, writes Michael Edwards.


“Life’s better in flip-flops” goes the slogan at Breakers on the warm banks of the Red Sea. Life’s better too, when you’re lying on a bean-bag watching a movie under the night stars. Life’s better when you’re finally learning to scuba along a 620 mile long coral reef. Life’s better sat in a hammock, sipping a cocktail, watching the sun slip below the Red Sea mountains.

It’s better too, when you – and those flip-flops – head out on the crescent of a boardwalk slicing through azure and cobalt and turquoise seas that could equally be lapping on the powder white sands of the Maldives or Mauritius.

It’s not compulsory to lead the surf-dude’s life at Breakers. You can just chill. No one says that you have to take the shuttle bus along the coast to 7Bft KiteHouse – yes, that means that the wind could reach 7 on the Beaufort Scale – and kitesurf at speeds approaching 64 kmph, like the pros. But, sometimes, it’s good to kick-back, take some risks, try something new and sport nothing more complicated than a T-Shirt and shorts.

Breakers Diving and Surfing Lodge

This is casual sand-between-your-toes- living without a lengthy flight to California’s Malibu or the hefty price tag of a Seychelles holiday. Breakers is more 4* informal lodge than swanky hotel. Don’t go counting the threads in the bed-linen or expecting designer name fragrances. At Breakers, luxury is do what you want, when you want – and, most importantly – if you want. Fancy a mid-night swim or an early morning game of pool? There aren’t any locks or rules stopping you.

Stefan, long ago a refugee from Frankfurt’s urban and sometimes chilly living, is the man behind the carefree-have-fun ethos. He is a fascinating mix of visionary entrepreneur wearing flip-flops and bronze-tanned wannabe beach-bum – with a lap-too. Long ago, from behind the trendy Aviator sunshades, Stefan imaginatively imagined a niche for a laid-back, water-sports themed hotel on Somabay. He sawed the planks himself, hammered the nails, inserted the macros in the spreadsheets and recruited some great staff. I’m not quite sure how “people person” translates into German or Egyptian but that is what Stefan is.

Red Sea, scuba diving

Red Sea, scuba diving

This is a place for trotting out those easily mouthed mantras. “It’s not the things you do that you regret – you regret the things that you never did.” So have a go at snorkelling, take the beginners scuba-diving course, take advantage of the free introductory kite-surf lessons.

And, Stefan would probably print it on a T – Shirt and sell it in the Breakers shop: “You don’t stop because you grow old. You grow old because you stop.” Join in the yoga sessions. And just because the salty breezes frizz your hair, and just because the sun frazzles your skin, they are not excuses to let yourself go like a 1970s surf chic. Check out the range of treatments in the Beauty Salon.

informal eating at The Breakers

After a five-and-half-hour budget flight from the UK you can turn-up with just a hand luggage minimalist back-pack of T-Shirts and swimwear. (Just don’t forget those flip-flops.) Dining is casual, informal and fun – particularly on theme nights such as Nubian Night – served on the tables between hotel and beach. It is ideal for solo travellers, helping them to feel at home amongst a range of international guests. Even more party-time informal is the Saturday Evening sunset cruise with buffet, DJ and drinks.

Though if you suddenly feel an urgent desire  to wear a dress or long-trousers there’s always the Somabay dine-around concept. Take the complimentary shuttle to dine, more formally at one of the other Somabay Hotels, such as Cascades, the Kempinski, the Sheraton or the Swiss Family Robinson Club.

Breakers is Stefan’s passion, his life’s project and he is immensely proud that some guests have returned for 10 consecutive years. He is always around to break the ice with new guests. It’s a much warmer, more intimate atmosphere than you will find in more corporate cloned chain hotels. As the reception staff say, “Welcome home” – even if you haven’t stayed before.

For more information visit The Breakers Diving and Surfing Lodge.

Last modified: April 7, 2021

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