A relaxing summer city escape on Hoegaarden’s floating garden

Escape the city this summer by stepping aboard London floating garden. Passengers will be treated to complimentary Hoegaarden and will dine on delicious canap…


In need of an escape from the hectic city scene this summer, then a voyage on Hoegaarden’s floating garden barge could be the answer. A treat for all the senses, Hoegaarden’s floating garden is a one of a kind experience. A barge transformed by over 500 different plants and shrubs into a sublime soundscape garden. Designed as a form of relief from London’s hectic urban life, the garden provides a calming atmosphere with its clean décor and exquisite attention to detail.

With an aroma of sights and smells, passengers that climb aboard are transported away from Hackney Wick, where the barge is moored, for a cruise along the canal that will have you forgetting your location. Along the scenic tour, guests will be treated to a complementary Hoegaarden served in a special-edition pint glass designed by Visual Artist Director, Emma Charlton and will be served a selection of canapés including smoked chicken and salmon and for those with a sweeter tooth, white peaches and fudge; a menu that has been carefully crafted to compliment the sweet flavours and occasional sour notes of the Hoegaarden beer. 


Setting sail 6 times a day and accommodating only 12 passengers at a time, those on board will be treated to a very personal experience making this a wonderful summer day out; when moored, outside Number 90 in Hackney Wick, the bar will remain open to the general public.

The floating Garden is open until 21 August with tickets available to be booked now at www.floatinggaardens.co.uk through a draw-style system. 

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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