Fast Brain Workouts

Dr Gareth Moore’s new book is an enjoyable collection of fast and easy ways to keep your brain active

Fast Brain Workouts

Does simple mental arithmetic exhaust you? Do you struggle to remember birthdays, your PIN number or simply why you went upstairs? Does your mind wander when you really should be concentrating? If so then you need to exercise your brain, whip your mind into shape and give it a good work out.

Fast Brain Workouts, written by Dr Gareth Moore, is the perfect way to keep your memory, focus and mental functions at their peak. It is designed, with research in mind, to sharpen your mental reflexes, boost your oxygen supply to your brain and increase blood flow into your brain, all of which help to stave off ageing.

The puzzle book features a wide range of interesting puzzles – number, logic and reasoning, language, memory and observation – Including so popular classic puzzles such as Sudoku, number darts and many more. Fast Brain Workouts provides a fast, fun and effective way to keep your brain in shape.

Fast Brain Workouts is a small, easy to carry puzzle book which can easily be used on the move. With several different levels of difficulty to each puzzle it provides the user with a bit of a warm up before getting into the harder puzzles. The book is neatly organised, well presented and easy to carry in public (small enough to fit comfortably in a bag).

Having attempted a number of trickier puzzles it’s clear that these really push your brain to the limit and stimulate mental activity and a higher level of focus. I would highly recommend this book as a way of keeping your brain active.

Fast Brain Workouts is written by Dr Gareth Moore, author of many other brain activity booklets and PH.D in machine intelligence, and is now available on amazon for the price of £5.57.

Fast Brain Workouts: Exercises, tests and puzzles to keep your brain super-fit

Last modified: June 10, 2021

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